A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 234



In the coffee house, Yamach tells Salim and Vartolo that he is going to kill the honest journalist Chaatai and he has to do such a dirty job to protect his family and the neighborhood, but he insists that he is alone in this way and that he is mixing the pit. He does not do what he will do for Chaatai.

In Chaatai prison, he goes to see Damla in order to use her and make Jumali his own person. Damla resists and says, "Jumali will not bend his neck in front of a dirty person like you." You are so dishonorable that you use someone's wife to torment him." Chaatai says: "I thought you could talk to Jomali and consult him, but now that you can't, how can I get even dirtier and use your child to threaten Jomali?" Damla is shocked by this and Chaata leaves after congratulating her on her pregnancy. On the other hand, Chaata posts Jameel's photos along with a CD to Akin, but when Salim finds out about this, he arrives in time and stops Akin from watching the CD. Then Jomali, who heard from Chaatai that she went to see Damla and knows about her pregnancy, leaves the house angry and confused with Salim to leave Chaatai's account in his hands.

Chaatai goes to Afsun's house to get answers to his questions and clarify his assignment. With serious and angry looks, he says to Afson: "Sometimes you look like a strong tiger and sometimes when you come to me like a defenseless cat. What or who is the reason for this uncertainty? Afsun avoids answering and Chaatai says: "I have never been honest with anyone as much as I was honest with you, and this action of mine must have a retribution. The last thing I want is to hurt you." Afsun says, "I won't let you hurt me either." Chaatai says that he likes this bold behavior of hers and kisses the lips of the enchantress and leaves.

Yamach goes to Amir's house and meets him in front of Amir's apartment. Amir knows him and says: "I know you." I know that Gudal is in the business of selling weapons. Idris was the father of your neighborhood and he banned drugs in that neighborhood. But you destroyed the only defensible work of your father and now you have become Jordanian drug dealers. Besides, I know that you came to kill me, but I am not afraid of you." Yamach, who cannot give an explanation, makes an appointment with him for tomorrow at 8:30 AM to take Amir to the pit and show him there. Amir willingly accepts. After moving away from Amir, Yamach realizes that Fatih is chasing him. Fatih asks Yamach about his plan and Yamach says, "I told him to make an appointment at half past eight to make sure that he is going to get in his car." He then mentions to Mahson that he is installing a bomb under Amir's car. Fatih likes his plan. After Yamach leaves, Fatih installs another bomb under Amir's car to increase the possibility of his death.

Vartolo goes to the young people who used drugs in the neighborhood and are now in prison to find out who brought the drugs into the neighborhood. No one says anything until Vartolo runs out of patience and shoots one of the young men in the leg. Someone reveals Fakhri's name and at the same time, Akin informs Vartolo that Salim and Jumali have angrily gone to Chaatai to complete his work. Vartolo rushes to Chaatai's house and just as Salim and Jumali are about to attack the house full of Chaatai's guards, he arrives there and angrily tells them: "You want to kill yourself while That Yamach bowed to that guy to protect you? Let's leave before I shoot you myself, we will return home." Salim and Jumali submit to his words and return.

Sultan asks Yamach to pay attention to Nahir. Yamach goes to Nahir and apologizes for his behavior and says that he needs time to get used to this situation. Nahir understands him and accepts his apology.


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