A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 233



After Yamach agrees with Chaatai and befriends him, he goes to Salim and Jomali's coffee house and tells the story and says, "It's true that I bowed my neck to him, but it's temporary." You can't fight him face to face, I want to delay him for the time being so that we can give him his right in the palm of his hand. Because Chaata tarnished the name of the neighborhood and damaged the pit a lot." Jomali and Salim don't react much to his words because their minds are busy with Chaatai's recent threats. A day before, Chaatay sends Jamil's photos to Salim and forces him to visit him. Salim goes to Chaatai's office, Chaatai tells him that if he wants his secret not to be revealed, be on his side. Salim says: "I know well what it means to betray the family. If you had asked for something else, maybe I would have accepted it." Chaatai threatens again and says, "The most important thing for a father is not to lose respect for his children." You are also the owner of a child." Salim ignores his threat and leaves his house. On the other hand, Chaatai calls Jumali to offer him cooperation. Jumali, who has just heard about Damla's arrest and is nervous, curses Chaatai and then immediately goes to his house. Jumali kills Chaatai's guards and is about to kill Chaatai as well when Chaatai's numerous bodyguards stop him with electric shocks. When Jumali regains consciousness, he starts threatening Chaatai with his hands and feet tied. Chaatai reminds him that Damla will remain in prison if he does not surrender and cooperate with him. Jumali says: "You don't know my wife. If necessary, he will stay in prison for the rest of his life without a moment's hesitation, but he will not bend his neck for you. "We will see," says Chaatai. and orders to return Jumali to the pit.

Now Jomali and Salim, who have both been threatened and have not spoken to anyone about this, do not agree with Yamach's decision to confront Chaatai. Jomali tells Yamach: "Now that we are going to retreat, let's really retreat. If you don't want to bend your neck, we are behind you, but we must be in such a way that we don't get hurt again." Yamach, who did not expect such a word from Jomali, says sadly, "Okay, if necessary, we will retreat." and leaves the coffee house. He meets Vartolo on the roof and tells the story of his conversation with Jumali and Salim and says: "I told them let's go kill and destroy, then they plan to retreat." Wartolo remembers the law of being Wartolo Saad al-Din and says: "Wartolo Saad al-Din is dead but not stupid. It does not attack a prey it cannot hunt." Yamach also admits that Jordan's chaat is too big for his mouth and considers it wise to retreat.

Chaatai calls Yamach to his office to give him a mission. Yamach says: "Godal is still in trouble and all the media are talking about it. Drugs are still in our neighborhood. "I can't cooperate now because we had an agreement." Chaatai says: "You are wrong, we did not agree, you just bent your neck for me. Meanwhile, I did not make an agreement with Godal and I only talked to you. You should not consider yourself the owner of the pit." Yamach, who tries to hide his anger, clenches his teeth and listens to Chaatai's proud words. Chaatai talks about the mission he has in mind for Yamach and says: "There is a reporter named Amir who is very annoying to us. He had a program on TV for a while and we fired him, then he wrote an article in a newspaper that we fired him again and revoked his business license, but he is stubborn and won't give up and now he is making programs on the Internet. He also said something about you." He shows Yamach a video of Amir on his laptop. In the video, Amir talks about the Jordanians who are involved in drugs and have people everywhere and that even the police cannot stand against them and they continue their work by pretending to be oppressed and gives correct information and finally He says: "There is also a neighborhood called Gudal, which is standing in front of the Jordanians. "The work of Godal residents is to sell weapons without a license, and they do everything by force and threats." Yamach asks Chaatai what will he get in exchange for killing Amir? And Chaatai says with a grin: "I will not make a deal with you." I am giving orders."


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