A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 232

Pit 89

Wartlow is sitting in his newly named place and Yamach walks up to him. Idris is also watching them from a distance. Yamach sits in front of him and angrily says: "Why are you so relaxed? Why do you give drugs to the senate? Wartlow says: "Sena came and asked me, but I did not give him any sex." Go ask whoever gave it to him. Ramsey, who heard their words, gets a little worried. Yamach gets up to leave and Wartlow says, “Visa. Now that you have come this far, let me ask you something. You said that I will marry Saadat with my own hands. it's true? Yamach says it is true and then leaves!

Ramzi calls Amrah and explains the situation. Amrah says: "Great job! And Ramzi asks worriedly: "Doesn't this collar take me?" "Amrah answers: "If something like this happens, you will be the first person to be saved from the fire, don't worry. But since I know these people, nothing will happen. »

Yamach goes to see Sena and says to him who is anxiously waiting to see what will happen: "Leave everything to me. Let me research and find out the truth later. "Sena asks him to go to the police, but Yamach says: "What are you going to say? You killed someone and you hid it from your police brother. There is no body, no one has seen it. Amrah also says that nothing like this happened! "Sena sits down and says: "I know what I did, Yamach! I can't hit someone like you and then go on with my life as if nothing happened. Yamach stares at him for a while and then offers him to go out with Daren so that he can change his mind and not think about these things.

Ahmed and a few others go to Pasha and Amo and tell them how to make ends meet when there are no weapons to sell? Uncle suggests that everyone say as much as they need to pay and they will think about it later.

Salim goes to see Yamach and says: "You know, after the courtship, when Saadat was in the car, Wartlo shot the car. He was killing the girl. Yamach gets nervous and at the same time Pasha and Uncle come to see him and tell him the matter and add that if they don't solve the problem, there will be a big problem. At the same time, Idris enters the room and hears this and says to Uncle and Pasha: "Do you want to tell Yamach everything?" So why are you hurting yourself? "Pasha and uncle sit down and Pasha says: "This is not a small issue. We should all talk about it. "Idris says: "You lost your sex, you destroyed your stock. Mashallah Wartlo has been working beautifully since the day it arrived! You must stand straight! If one hits you, you two hit him! If you can't sit next to someone, do it. Be Yamach's right hand, don't be a burden to him! Then he leaves the room angrily.

Sad Saadat is sitting next to her wedding dress and Najert apologizes to her for her anger at the moment and then says that she knew Saadat doesn't betray the little ones. Saadat sinks into the difficulty of his anger.

In the morning, Wartlo sets up a big breakfast table in the neighborhood and asks the neighbors to tell them that he can hear the sound of the instrument and the dahl from afar, and the people of the neighborhood come forward with Idris, Yamach, Salim, and Jamil and start dancing. be. Mohiuddin also trims Jamil's hair and beard. Salim also stares at Jamil with sadness. Wartlow stares at them with great anger. Wartlow and Ahmad's men and the people of the neighborhood attack each other, which Yamach and Wartlow separate them. Wartlow and Yamach make out and then stare into each other's eyes and Yamach takes off his coat and attacks him. Wartlow attacks him in return and the people from both sides start fighting and beating each other. After the fight, Idris angrily says to Yamach and Wartlo: "No one has fought in my neighborhood for 30 years." Pit people fight with strangers, not with themselves. And he slaps both of them and then turns to Wartlow and says: "It's the wedding night." That wedding should happen! Don't kill my children at this age! Wartlow looks at him angrily and says nothing.

Sena and Saadat are sitting next to each other and Akshin comes to them and stares at Saadat's wedding dress with interest. Sena offers to wear the dress and Akshine happily agrees. Jalason, who came there for work, sees Akshin and is stunned and then leaves the room with embarrassment.


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