A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 230



At night, Azar returns home with a package of sweets and when he sees Karaja in the chef's house, he sits him next to him so that they can eat sweets together. He tells a memory about the first time he ate okra and then makes a date with Karaja to go to the famous Ednan barbecue for dinner tomorrow. Fadik hears their words and starts thinking.

Mahson goes to Ramsey and wants to arrest him. They start fighting and when the fight escalates, Ramsay calls his friends for help. Avni and Alp Eren and Ozgur, who were among the black sheep and Mahson's close brothers, arrive and fall in love when they see Mahson. They immediately choose Mahson's side and arrest Ramzi.

Yamach goes to Afsun's house and hugs him and says: "I will not come here anymore. You must understand me. I really want to stay but I can't. Whenever I remember your eyes, I want to go back to you." Afsun, upset, angrily pulls herself out of his arms and asks Yamach to leave. Yamach says: "Before there was a girl named Nahir who is now pregnant. I can't do bad things to you and him. I paid for my father's mistakes so much that I can't repeat those mistakes myself." Fasun has a heavy grudge but tries to hide his sadness. Yamach rests his head on her knee and says, "I wish you would caress my hair at least one last time." Afsun asks him to go out and Yamach cries from the bottom of his heart after he leaves.

Fadik goes to the Kochvalis' house and tells Sultan: "I noticed that Azar and Karaja liked each other. I want to propose Karaja to my son, it is clear that they have an understanding. Azar is a good and honest child..'' After Fadik Sultan leaves, he says that Karaja and Azar have fallen in love, and Yamach interrupts him and shouts: "Karaja will not stay at that guy's house even one night. And this matter ends here."

Yamach goes to the youths who are imprisoned in the warehouse and asks who brought the drugs into the neighborhood? Everyone is silent and Yamach says: "Then you will stay here until you get an answer." He leaves there. Yamach, who has been looking for Mateen for several days and has not heard from him, goes to his house and finds Mateen unconscious on the floor and sees the injection site on his hand. After Mateen regains consciousness, Yamach tells him in a cold tone: "Put yourself together and come to me." An hour later, Yamach imprisons Mateen in a small warehouse and asks him to stop using drugs.

Damla and Akin's trial is held and both of them are acquitted. Vartolo managed to fake Damela's signatures and Yamach forced Ramsey to take responsibility for Akin's crime. In front of the court Jumali comes to Damla and hugs her. Damla asks him to go to a secluded place to tell her something important.

Fasun wakes up in the morning with sad and puffy eyes and when he looks at himself in this, he decides to do something for himself and get out of this uncertain situation. So he calls Chaatai and makes a dinner date with him.

Yamach goes to Karaja and tells him: "You came to Azar's house to save your family, right?" You came to protect your family from Azar. The same Azeri who shot Kamal and because of that, he was killed. These are the things you know about. If you know what I know, your brain will whistle. "Either you choose your family tonight and go back home, or you choose Azar and leave us forever." Karaja, who is having a hard time deciding, looks at Yamach sadly.


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