A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 23

Pit part 35-2

Jalason asks his mother not to let Akshine go out of the house. "It has nothing to do with me," says his mother. Whoever wants to come, be careful. Jalason says: "No one is left." It's just me and you! And when he sees his mother's silence, he goes crazy and says: "Okay, I'll lock the door, you two stay at home." When Jalason leaves the house, he cries in a corner and removes his wedding ring from his hand.

Kamal talks to Yamach about Farida, who has not been heard from for several days. Yamach says sadly: "We couldn't save him..." Jomali is carelessly solving the table when suddenly he takes the newspaper towards Kamal. There is a note from Farida that says: May God be pleased with you. I leave you to God. we are fine. Farida and Hero. Kamal and Yamach are very happy. Jumali gets angry at their behavior and says: "This war is war! Anyone can die. It is not known why they burned your head and face but did not kill you. I was killing you! "Sena... I have to find Sena before they find her," Yamach says helplessly. And when he wants to get up, Jumali stops him and says that he will go after Sena himself.

Sena is still taking soup for Alicho and there is still no news of Yamach. When Alicho is talking to Daren at the door, he sees two nurses, one of them has a gun and stares at Sena. Alicho feels threatened and says loudly: "It's a trap... It's a trap..." Seeing his condition, Sena immediately leaves the hospital. That person was sent by Mahsun to find the senate.

At night, when Jalason returns home, Akshin has locked himself in the room and says: "Don't look at me, my face is bleeding." Jalason holds him in front of the mirror, and Akshin, who has one side of his face burned, is sad. He says: "I was the white girl on you, Jalasun... I was your beauty.. What happened..." Jalasun cries and says: "You are still mine..." Then he puts her to sleep and leaves the house. He sees Zand and Madd sitting in front of a bar. But he continues on his way. When Madd hears the song of Nimrod's daughter from the bar, he angrily goes into the bar and says: "Didn't I tell you not to play this song anymore!" The guards throw him out immediately. Jumali goes to him and says: "Do you have a place to sleep?" Madd shakes his head as a sign of negation and Jumali takes him to an abandoned house. Madd thanks him.

Jomali says to Kamal: "I want to go and collect some ears of the black sheep." Are you scared? Kamal immediately agrees and takes him to the neighborhood coffee house through the back door at Jomali's request. Jumali goes through his memories for a while there and then opens his case from under one of the tables and pulls out a knife.

At Sena's house, Darren tells him: "When you find Yamacho, will you tell him?" "Sena puts her hand on her stomach and says with a little pause: "No, I don't want her to suffer." Suddenly, the doorbell rings. Mahson is behind the door, he is going to take Sena and take him with him, he hangs for a long time when he sees Sena and does not say anything. When Sena wants to close the door, Mahsoun immediately says: "I am your downstairs neighbor who just moved." We do not have sugar. Can you give me sugar? "Sena brings him sugar and Mahsoun is still staring at Sena and confusedly introduces himself as Fikret and leaves and tells his people: "You have found the wrong girl. let's go! »

Jumali follows Sena to the hospital where Alicho is hospitalized and inquires. When Jomali passes in front of Alicho's room, Alicho sees him from behind the window and says loudly, "Little Jomali!" Jomali opens the door and asks him who it is? Alicho tells everything and then says that he understood that he is Jumali from the photos that Idris showed him. Jomali realizes that he is Alicho and then asks him: "I am looking for Sana." do you know where it is "Suddenly, Sena's voice comes from behind saying: "I am here. Jomali introduces himself and Alicho says: "Yesterday I was very scared." Two men with guns look at you. I was very scared. Jomali tells him that there is nothing to be afraid of anymore and then he takes Sena with him to Yamach. Yamach and Sena cry when they see each other. They talk a little and Sena complains about him and at the end Yamach asks him: "Will you come with me for a while?" Sena agrees and Yamach takes him to the door of a house and leaves himself.

Mahson, who is now staying in Yamach's previous room in Kochvali's house, is looking for a photo or something from the Senate. When you wash your hands and face, he remembers the shiny thing he saw in the bathroom and realizes that it is an earring from Sena that fell and got stuck in it. Anyway, he finds the earring through the hole in the sink. Chettu comes to him and angrily tells him that Jumali ran away and now the two vectors are united and they have not even found Sena and blames him.

All the people of the neighborhood have gathered around Gudal's coffee house and are looking inside with surprise through its windows. Cheto and Mahson arrive and encounter 7 black lambs, all of whom have been slaughtered and placed on the chairs of the coffee house! Chetu gets angry and tells Mahsoun: "I was trying not to let anyone notice these murders." Now an invisible hero has cut off the heads of the black lambs! Mahson angrily tells the residents of the neighborhood: "All the men go down to the football field and gather." all those! »

When Yamach returns to the safe house, he hears Jomali and Kamal talking about killing the black sheep and asks Jomali why he did that. Jumali says: "Are you taking back the bill from me?! I took revenge on my family, I will take it and I will continue to take it! Do you have any objection? Yamach says: "Dar." These people are not the people you know. They will not be spared. Do you think they will not retaliate? Jumali says: "From whom?" Is there any family left at all?? Yamach says: "Then why are you doing this?" for who? Jomali shouts angrily: "For revenge!" I am a little jomali. I always take my revenge! »


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