A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 228

Pit 88

Wartlow is sad and sad sitting at the bar and Salim comes to him and says: "You lost Saadat tonight. You lost Yamach too... If you want to hurt Jamil again, you will lose me too! Wartlow, who is very upset, has nothing to say. A little later Madad comes to him and they go home together, they run out of gas on the way and are forced to walk to the nearest place to see if they have gas or to ask for the address of the nearest gas station, but no one answers them. Deh and Wartlow gets angry and curses them that they all attack him and Madd and beat them up. Both go back to the car and finally start the car and start walking.

Yamach goes to Vartlo's house and says to Medd: "Go tell the police that you dug your own grave with this work!" I promise him that I will marry happiness with my own hands! You don't even have a laboratory anymore! And then he goes home and angrily takes Sena's hand and takes him to Idris' office and asks: "Who is Anil?" Why did you lie to me that you are going to your mother? Sena answers: "I am an ex-love, but if I told you, would you let me go?" He was injured and needed help! Yamach asks him to explain everything to him. Sena angrily says: "I thought I could solve it myself, but I drowned more..." Yamach angrily says: "You should have called me, but you called Amrah!" I am the one who is your husband! Later, when he sees Sena's bad condition, he calms down and says to him: "Tell me what happened... chatted." Sena gets short of breath and cries and says: "I killed someone... I killed someone..." Yamach hugs him to calm him down.

In the morning, Yamach goes to the house where Amrah is waiting for him. Yamach asks him: "Why did he come to you?" Amrah says: "Whenever you are in trouble, you come to me." It has been like this from the beginning. Yamach asks: "Was it your job to kill those people in your place?" "Amrah confirms and Yamach asks: "Sena hit one. He says kill him. You were there too. it's true? Amrah Kalafa says: "I thought it would happen again." I started dreaming again! Then Amrah looks meaningfully at her mother and gazideh says: "I told you, Yamach... Sena Coffee has a strong imagination. Without saying a word, Yamach gives them the wedding invitation card of Saadat and invites them. Amrah leaves the house earlier than Yamach, and Kamal says to him in retaliation for Amrah's harassment: "You are not a policeman anymore, are you?" And he punches him hard, Amrah beats him even harder than him and leaves.

After listening to Hale's reports about Idris and Meliha, Alicho goes to a library and examines a book containing Meliha's photos when she was working at the bar, and finds out that Meliha's last name is also Sanjakli. When the librarian sees Alicho's conflict, he tries to help him and realizes that Alicho is looking for Maleeha. He tells Alicho that it is better to follow Maliha's colleagues and friends at that time, and Alicho agrees, and there he checks other related books and magazines to reach a conclusion.


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