A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 227



Yamach sits motionless on Nahir's sofa for a while and doesn't say anything. Then Nahir asks her to make a decision about her pregnancy. Yamach says: "I don't want children. I can't be a father." Nahir gets upset but pretends that he agrees with her and cannot accept the responsibility of the child. Yamach says: "If I can't protect that child and miss him, I can't bear that heavy burden." Nahir says angrily: "I will solve this problem tonight, don't worry." "I can't give birth to a child of a man who doesn't like me." Yamach goes out of his house and on the way he reviews his and Nahir's memories and remembers the day when Idris told Yamach to bring him a grandchild as his last request. Yamach is thinking that the killers who are looking for a reward of five million liras are attacking him. Yamach beats them more greedily and when he fails in the fight, Mahson comes and saves him as always.

Fakhri gathers the unemployed youths of the neighborhood with the promise of work in a warehouse. He enters the warehouse with two sacks full of drugs and says to everyone: "Let me say in advance that what I said is not something you should do with pride." When young people see the material, they are satisfied. Someone protested and said: "Uncle Fakhri, are you aware, where are you?" Fakhri says: "Yes, you are in my pit." Idris pit and small towns that are not heard from and they don't even ask how we are." Those who have been unemployed for some time and have bowed their heads under the pressure of lack of money, start their work the same night. Young people roam the back alleys of Godal and distribute drugs from hand to hand. Some sell and some consume. Some do both together. That night, the sellers return to their homes with their hands full, but they are not satisfied with what they have done.

Despite feeling bad and hesitant, Nahir goes to the doctor's office for an abortion and asks the doctor to finish the job as soon as possible. Just at the moment when the doctor is about to give him an injection, Yamach rushes in and says, "No one can harm my child." His mother and I decided to keep him. I promised my dad." Nahir smiles and Yamach takes him home that night and tells the Sultan, "Nahir will live here from now on." Sultan hesitates, but accepts with good humor and allows Nahir to go home.

Yamach goes to the hospital to meet his uncle. Uncle complains a little when he sees him and says, "Why didn't you go to the pit and come to me?" You must go to the place that brought me to this day. Godal people are unemployed and their heads are down. There is nothing worse than that. Because you wanted to take Istanbul, the people of Godal paid a ransom. This case cannot be solved so easily, you have to open your eyes and fix it."

Yamach enters the pit and sees unemployed youths wandering and stumbling happily in the alleys. Yamach realizes that their behavior is unusual and chases them and reaches the roof where there are more children of Mahals. Each of them is intoxicated and carefree in a corner. Yamach shouts at them but it is no use. At the same time, Chaatai calls Yamach and says to him: "Remember you told me that you would not let me bring drugs into Istanbul?" Now I brought those materials into your house. First, deal with this matter."


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