A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 225



Jomali and Salim take Yamach into their car, and seeing Madd in the car, Yamach realizes that Madd has revealed the fact that he is alive. They move a little on the forest path when suddenly some cars start chasing them from Chaatai. When Chaatai is told that Yamach is alive and his men are killed, he orders to kill Yamach and his friends that night anyway. He also asks Afson not to stay alone at home and to come to his house so that enemies do not disturb him like that night. Afsun, who saw Chaatai's suspicious look and was afraid that he would find out about his love for Yamach, agrees to be his guest for a few days. On the other side, Jumali leaves some cars full of drunken people and enters the forest, but there is also a helicopter searching for their car. The little ones who don't know what to do get out of the car and fight with a group of Chaatai people and kill them. But for every group that is destroyed, more cars come towards them and the conflict is renewed. When Salim sees that their bullets are running out and the Chaata people are not giving up, he goes to the wooden fishing hut near the pier and asks Yamach to call Jomali and Madd. A little later, Yamach, Jumali and Madd are near the hut, and at the moment when they have no more bullets left and the car of Chaatai people is arriving, Salim starts the boat and calls them. Everyone gets on the boat and away from the danger zone.

Jalason and Makkah are waiting for good news about uncle's condition in the hospital. A little later, all the young people of the neighborhood arrive and ask the doctor, who plans to talk about uncle only with his first-class family, how is their father? When the doctor sees that they all consider themselves cousins and that they are from a different family, he tells them that uncle has a difficult operation ahead of him. After the operation, the doctor gives good news to Mecca and Jalason and says that the danger has been eliminated.

At Chaatai's house, Afsun shows himself eager to hang out with Chaatai in order to completely remove Chaatai's doubts and be able to get closer to him. Fateh brings new news to Chaatai and tells him that the Kochwalis have escaped again. Chaata gets a little nervous, but then says, "It's okay." Even if the little ones run away, the pit is in our hands. "Start the work I entrusted to you as soon as possible, Mr. Fatih." Afsun hears these from behind the door, but does not fully understand Chaatai's meaning.

In the boat, which floats on the water until morning, Jumali goes to Yamach and beats him, and angrily says to Yamach, who asks why he was beaten: "Because you were dead." I told you that if you die, I will hurt you." Yamach laughs and Jumali says with annoyance: "That son of your father Vartolo didn't want to see our sadness and came to say that you are alive." In fact, he saw that Salim was having a stroke and revealed that you were alive. How did you want to do this with us? Go ahead and apologize to Salim." Jumali, who has cooled down after beating him, hugs Yamach.

Fakhri, who is one of the middle-aged residents of Godal, is hired to work in a new workshop, but when the employer sees the Godal mark on his wrist, he insults Fakhri and fires him from his job. Fakhri, who cannot bear the employer's disrespect, beats him and starts a riot. After Fakhri is kicked out of the workshop, Fateh extends his hand to him and says: "I know how long you have been unemployed. I have a good offer for you."


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