A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 222



The news of the reward for killing Yamach reaches Azar. Azar jokingly tells his friend on the phone, "Five million liras for Yamach?" It's better to kill him myself, I'll get rich and get rid of Yamach." Karaja accidentally hears this sentence and wants to leave the house when Azar stops him and apologizes for his inappropriate joke. Karaja says that his mother and grandmother have been arrested and he has to go to the police station. Azar takes him to the police station himself, but asks Karaja to wait in the car and tells him: "The situation is complicated. Your family is in trouble. First, I'll go see what happened, then I'll let you know if you should go or not." Karaja sits in the car and Azar returns after watering his head and phone and tells him that the others have been released except Damla and Akin. Karaja decides to return home to be with his family and help them, but Azar says, "It's not possible for now." I will tell my mom to call your grandmother, if she thinks it is good, I will send you away. I don't want anything bad to happen to you. Because by coming to our house, you not only saved your uncle's life, you also saved mine. I want to protect you too." Karaja, who thinks that Azar likes him, is a little embarrassed and says: "No. You don't want to protect me because I saved your life. It's for something else."

Vartolo goes to Yamach and takes him in his car and on the way he explains to him that while he was gone, Chaatai used fake news to make the neighborhood infamous and the police entered the neighborhood and arrested many people. During this conversation, suddenly the car behind starts shooting at them. Two other assassins are sitting in the back car who want to kill Yamach and get the reward. After some shooting, Vartolo and Yamach have to run to the forest to save themselves, but they lose each other in the forest. Vartolo gets into a fight with one of the killers and kills him, and Yamach gets into a fight with the other one, and even though he manages to defeat him, he gets a deep wound.

In front of the police station Jalason and Mecca face Chaatai and Fatih. Jalason tells Chaatai: "Don't forget that there are pits everywhere. Istanbul is in a pit, and whenever necessary, the pits protect the small towns, so whenever you go somewhere and for example want to eat something in a restaurant, think a little before that to see if that food can be poisoned or not." Chaatai says that he sees only small ants in the pit, which will be killed by a simple spraying.

Yamach reaches the door of the enchanted house. Afsun is happy to see him and when he sees that Yamach is injured, he nurses him all night. In the morning, when Yamach wakes up, he asks Afson why he doesn't want him to die. Afsun says, "I couldn't let you die in front of my house, so I brought a doctor for you." Where is it strange?" Yamach says: "Let's talk frankly." Don't you want me to die in front of your blood or do you not want me to die at all?" The charm that he wants to keep his love for Yamach a secret does not work.

The police find Vartolo's house and arrest him. Vartolo gets angry with Medd for not being able to inform him earlier and prevent him from being arrested.

Chaatay sends his car to the car wash when he goes to his work appointment and leaves it in a restaurant with his Russian colleague as usual. There is a pit mark under his coffee cup and seeing this scene makes Chaatai think.


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