A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 220

Pit 86

Idris goes to the market and returns there with Salim, but Salim doesn't pay much attention and grumbles. Idris protests him and Salim says: "Outside the pit, they call you a billionaire!" Why not use it when we have it? Idris asks him to leave and then brings Jalason to work in his place. Because of this, Salim's father resents him more than before.

With his repeated requests, Nazem has convinced the municipality to turn Gudal's main street into a green space, and he entrusts this work to Wartlow. Wartlow happily goes to the street and asks the people of the neighborhood to collect and leave because this is what the municipality wants. Mohiuddin informs Yamach and one of the youths of the neighborhood also goes to Salim. Salim informs Idris, and Idris goes with him, Jalason and a few others to Wartlo, and from the other side, Yamach arrives there with his uncle and Pasha. Idris asks Wartlow to go to his place, but Wartlow says: "Well, if you have a problem, go and tell the municipality, this is our place!" Then he shows the municipality's request to Yamach and Yamach approves it. Idris is upset and leaves, but he comes back and looking into Wartlow's eyes, he says to the crowd: "Tonight, a suitor is coming for my daughter Saadat, and we have a wedding this week too!" You are all invited! Our second wife is a halal-born and honest boy! Then he leaves. Wartlow gets upset and angry and goes to one of the shops and destroys and breaks everything.

Yamach asks Idris to talk alone and says to him face to face: "Dad, didn't you say you would solve everything?" Why do you do this to the party! If you think this is the solution, we are done! Don't you like happiness? Idris says: "I asked Saadat and he said that he is satisfied!" Yamach, who knows that Saadat's saying yes was forced, looks at his father reproachfully, and Idris says: "I made the decision!" And Yamach says: "I'll leave." Eat each other! And he leaves.

Jamil goes to Saadat and says: "Abji, I just understood the matter." I don't know what the fight is... Idris Baba said that we will get married in a week. Does it do this? Don't regret it, I won't withdraw. Because I have to stay here. But if I look at you in a bad way, I will not die.. this is without. Think like two friends living in the same house. Saadat is happy with his words and realizes that he is not satisfied with this marriage and bends down to kiss her hand, but Jamil doesn't let go and leaves.

Wartlow angrily goes to Salim and angrily tells him: "You have to tell me the name of that side!" It's finnished. Blood against blood! Salim says: "You blew up our biggest warehouse, what did you expect?" Wartlow says angrily: "Sadat should not get married!" Tell me everything about that guy! Salim says: "Marriage is not a matter of happiness." My father tied my mother's hands and feet. My mom was also looking for a weak point in you and she found it... Wartelo, trust me, there will be nothing between them. Let him get married. I know this guy. In the end, they separate. "Wartlow does not accept and Salim continues: "Didn't Saadat tell you to leave here?... Let go. They want to make you crazy. Don't be crazy! "Wartlow says more angry than ever: "No! I have to take the side. And he leaves.

Yamach goes to Sena to find out what's wrong with him, but Sena cries and doesn't tell him anything, making Yamach angry. Yamach says: "Finally, you say Yamach, I have a series of problems. You should come and tell me everything so that I can help you. Sena cries more and leaves the room.

Wartlow calls Saadat and tells her to come see him immediately. Saadat also goes to him and Vartlo says to him: "Who is the person who wants to propose to you?" But Saadat doesn't say anything and makes Wartlow mad. Saadat says: "If you get into trouble, I swear you won't see me again!" And he goes.