A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 218



Yamach asks Vartolo how he was saved from Chaatai, and Vartolo says Mahson helped him. Yamach finds out that Mahson is working with Chaatai to spy and is surprised.

Chaatai becomes suspicious when he finds out that there was no funeral ceremony for Yamach's death in the pit, and he goes to Yojel and tells him that if he was involved in Mahson Kalki's work, he will punish both of them. Yujal also goes to Mahson for fear that Chaatai will harm his family. Yujel and Chaatai's men beat Mahson so that he confesses if he helped Yamach. Mahson denies. Suddenly, Chaatai also comes to Mahson and says that he hates these brutal methods of getting confessions. He turns to Mahson and says, "Is Yamach alive, Mr. Mahson?" If you don't know, we can go and ask your mom." Mahson, who does not want to involve his mother in these events and is afraid of harming her, admits that Yamach is alive and gives them the address of the underground prison.

Yamach and Vartolo have reached a pleasant place and Vartolo asks about Yamach's childhood. Yamach says that he usually does not go out of the house and has always kept his head warm with studies and music. He says that his brothers never beat him, and because he was the son of Idris, no one bothered him or bothered him. "That's why you became like this," says Vartolo. Kind hearted and kind to the point where you always take all the blame. "If I were there at that time, I would have given you a brotherhood and I would have beaten you so that you would have to pay." They find an inn in Arbagh and spend the night there. In the morning, when Yamach wakes up, he does not find Vartolo in the room and kicks him out of the house. After looking around for a while, he finally sees Vartolo playing soccer with small children in the park. Vartolo asks Yamach to join their game. They become two teams, and at the very beginning of the game, Vartolo plays tricks and constantly makes a mistake on Yamach, catches the ball and scores a goal against the opponent. Yamach also gets nervous and makes his game more violent. When the children see the dangerous game of the two, they stand aside and just watch. After the match, Yamach sits in a corner sadly and complains because he realized that Vartolo did not intend to kill him and says that he will finish the job himself. Vartolo shouts: "Yes, there are different types of death. You can use a gun or a rope, it doesn't matter, but at least you understand that I won't kill you and I won't do anything like that. I said that I will take my revenge on my father's killer, but I don't mean you because you don't have the right to die." Yamach cries and shouts: "But I did it, I did it, I killed my father. I killed Idris Kochvali. He died in my arms and I buried him myself. don't leave me alone Punish me, Vartolo." Vartolo approaches him and sits next to him and says angrily: "How can I do this?" How can I kill the person who saved my wife and child and is willing to bear such a heavy burden and shoot his own father? I know I'm a bad person, but am I so bad that you want something like this from me? You say to yourself, no one can do such a thing, but this one can." Yamach says: "Because you understand me, I asked you to kill me." I can't live anymore. I can't look at my family's face. I can't hug anyone anymore. I killed my father, what does it matter how I did it?" Vartolo gets up, wipes his tears and angrily says: "It's different. I don't want you to be proud of what you did. You did a bad thing, but you did a bad thing so that you could do the right thing. It's over and gone." They go to a corner together and Vartolo asks who planned to kill Idris. Yamach mentions the names of Azar, Yujal, Crocodile, and Afsun. Vartolo says: "Which ones have you killed so far?" Yamach pauses a bit and then says: "None of them." I wanted them to stay alive to suffer the pain that I am suffering. Lose their family and destroy them by their own hands. Because living with torment is worse than death. Vartolo laughs at his stupidity and says: "You are the only one who thinks like this. It is different for them. Death is the worst thing for people like them. Because they have no mercy. You shouldn't have shown mercy to them."


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