A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 217



Vartolo goes to the prison in the basement of the pit and points a gun at Yamach and asks: "Are you going to finish him or should I finish him?" Three days ago, on the same night when Mahson and Vartolo brought Yamach to that basement, Vartolo was waiting for Yamach to come to his senses. Yamach opens his eyes and realizes that the day of reckoning has come when he sees Vartolo's gun on the table across the bars. He stands facing Vartolo and says: "Obviously, the time has come." Kill me and finish the job." "Explain," says Vartolo, glaring at him. How did that happen?" Yamach says there is nothing to explain and is ready to be killed. "There is no death until you confess and explain everything," says Vartolo. Yamach wants to say that he killed his father, but as soon as he wants to say this sentence, his head gets confused and the sound of an ear-scratching whistle echoes in his brain. However, Vartolo is not idle and wants to hear everything from Yamach. After two hours, Yamach gives up and sits facing Vartolo and says, "That day when Yojel sent a letter to all of us, he was moving me and my father to the same address. It was a spiral tunnel and the pictures of our family were on the monitors. My mother is Karaja Ayesha Saadat and Idris. There were guns on all of them. I reached my father in the middle of the spiral, and Yujel's voice was coming, saying that there are two little ones here and only one of them can survive. Whether it's the father or the son...if one of them doesn't shoot the other, the whole family will be killed. We had a few minutes...the end of my head..." Yamach cries heavily and is tormented by the memory of that incident, but Vartolo asks him to complete his last sentence and say that he shot their father. Yamach gets angry and shouts: "What do you want from me, why are you tormenting me? What account are you taking from me? How do you know what I did?" He grabs Vartolo's collar and says crying: "I came to you in prison. I looked into your eyes and begged you to end my torment. I asked you to kill me. It was enough to just shoot, but what are you doing now? You brought me here and you are taking back the account from me." In order to provoke Wartolo, Yamach tells him: "You are Wartolo Saaduddin. You don't show mercy and take your revenge, so do the same now." Vartolo says: "I will take my revenge, I have not given up yet. I will kill you, but you will not die until you confess. I will not end your torment so soon. But if you say that sentence that you killed your father, I promise to kill you." He puts Yamach in his car and says that they have to go somewhere to start the project of his death. Vartolo asks Yamach to fasten his belt as well. Yamach says: "You want to take me and kill me, why should I wear a belt?" Vartolo says: "If I don't take you safe and sound, then how can I kill you?" Throughout the journey, Vartolo's tone of voice and his jokes are so friendly that Yamach begins to doubt that Vartolo really intends to kill him. When it gets dark, Vartolo takes Yamach to a hotel to rest. In the meantime, Madd calls and says that Salim and Jumali have requested a DNA test for the body that is said to belong to Yamach. Vartolo says sadly: "They are amazing people. Take your dead body, bury it, mourn and be sad for it. What does testing mean? He asks Madd to investigate and see who the doctor is who is going to test.

Vartolo and Yamach sit at the hotel bar and start drinking and talking. They talk about their dreams and Vartolo says that he dreamed of becoming a Turkish language teacher. Yamach laughs at his desire. Vartolo asks about Yamach's wish and Yamach sadly says: "I wanted to have three children." Two girls and a boy. I will go around the world with my children, the Senate will be with us. But it didn't happen. The worst thing is that the senate asked me to go and was always ready, but I said that it is not possible and I have to take care of the pit." Wartolo, who is sad, says: "You said you have to protect the pit and fight with Wartolo Saad al-Din." "If I hadn't attacked you wouldn't have had to protect the pit and this wouldn't have happened." Vartolo asks about years ago when Yamach left the house and Yamach recounts the memory of that night: "At that time, I didn't hurt even an ant." One day they attacked our house and took everyone. In order to save my family, I killed the other party with an autograph. Then I got nervous because my hand was stained with blood and ran away." Vartolo thinks his running away is ridiculous and says: "So if you didn't kill the other party and let him kill your family, would it be okay?" Look, Yamach, you saved your family. To be good, it is not enough to do good once. "Sometimes you have to do bad things to be good."


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