A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 213



Salim, Jumali and Amo, who do not know about Yamach, are anxiously waiting in the coffee house. Suddenly, several cars stop in front of the coffee house from Chaata's side, and Fatih gets out and gives Salim Yamach's ring with a sly smile and says, "This is a part of your brother." Jumali pulls a gun and wants to attack him, when Salim stops him and says that if Yamach is their hostage, the situation should be managed. Jomali calms down.... Last night, Mahson found Yamach's ring from the burnt truck and gave it to Chaatai. Upon seeing the ring, Chaatai said to him: "Mr. Mahson, you are either more talented than I thought or more stupid." ...Fatih looks at Salim's helpless face and says: "We left the rest of your brother in the hospital." Jumali and Salim rush to the hospital and ask the doctor if Yamach's body was brought there. The doctor thinks and then takes the two to the morgue and shows them a small package and says, "The identity of this body is unknown, but it was put here an hour ago." Salim starts crying and keeps repeating under his breath, "This is not my brother." Jumali is so angry that he wants to attack the package. Sobbing, Salim asks the doctor to take a DNA test from the body. On the way back to the coffee house, Salim stops Jomali who is about to attack Chaatai and kill him and says, "You can't find him right now." Only Yamach knew. I am sure that Yamach is alive, but now that he dares to tell us such a lie, no one can stop me. He wants a storm to arise and the neighborhood to be destroyed. I don't have anyone but you, I can't live without you." Jumali calms him down and says: "We are not going to sit idle." Arrange a meeting with the people at the table.

Jumali appears in the meeting and tells three people under Chaatai's hands that he has a question that if he doesn't get the answer he will make them poor then he asks: "Where is this Chaatai the dog?" One person says: "We have not seen him before and we worked with Fatih through him." Jumali asks for Fatih's address and the other says: "It is not possible to tell Fatih's address." Jumali immediately shoots two of them and forces the third person to write the address of Fatih for him.

Akin finds Songol's aunt's house, which is on the outskirts of the city. Songul is shocked to see him and gets angry. They go to the roof together to talk. Akin says that he came to bring Songul back and wants to take him to the pit. Songol mockingly says, "No, Dad?" Did you bring my white horse? Everything that happened to me happened because of you. You don't have to do anything. That night when you shot fourteen bullets, my dad took me out of the police station and I opened my eyes here in the morning. The dream of going to university was lost and I had no future left. My only sin was that I loved you and trusted you. You hurt anyone you love. I have nothing more to lay at your feet, forget me." Akin sheds a few tears and Songol leaves him there alone and leaves.

Jumali asks Jalason to take a package for Fatih and tell him to deliver it to his owner Chaatai. Jalason and Mecca also give the package to Fatih and emphasize that the package is from Jumali. When Fatih opens the package for Chaatai, Chaatai faces the rosaries and lighters of the people at the table and says with a smile, "Don't bother me anymore." They are using any method to show that they are not afraid of death. So let them face the real fear. Start the operation."


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