A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 212

Pit 84

Out of anger, Wartlow goes to Ramzi and says: "Gather your people!" At night, we go to a warehouse under the playground and blow it up. »

Sena is in front of Adnan when two people break the studio door and enter and demand their materials from Adnan. Adnan puts Sena in action and says: "My friend is going to bring you sex!" They take Adnan with them and the chairman says to the senate: "I will give you until the evening, otherwise I will shoot an arrow in the brain of your love!" » Sena stares at them with concern.

Yamach goes to Gozide and asks him: "Is Sena okay?" Are you asleep? Gozideh, not knowing what he is talking about, pauses and Yamach looks at him suspiciously. Gozide immediately says confusedly: "Yes, yes, sleep." When he woke up, I told him to call you. Then Yamach asks: "Sena told me something about his past and Amrah that was not good..." Ghazideh, who shared his words with Amrah the night before, says: "Sena had a very good imagination since he was a child." I'm just telling you this! Yamach stares at him with surprise and when he leaves the house he calls Sena, but his phone is still unavailable and this makes Yamach nervous.

Ayesha talks to Jameel to convince him to marry Saadat. Jameel doesn't accept at first and Ayesha says: "If you want to stay here and see the girl you want whenever you want, you should accept this offer..." Jameel gets a little closer to him and says: "You tell me to die, I will die." And Ayesha smiles at him. When Jamil tells this news to Salim, Salim gets angry and tells Ayesha why he talked to Jamil on his own. Ayesha says: "Mom made her decision, she made an offer, and dad accepted." I am not to blame! Salim thinks angrily and then goes to see the Sultan and says: "Why don't you get locked up somewhere?" what do you want to do Happiness is your daughter! Do you want to marry someone you don't like? Wasn't it enough to burn me? What do you want? do you want war How many more people do you want to die from us or them? It wasn't you who said that whatever he wants will happen, but the little ones should stay on their feet? Do you want to collapse?! Be wise mom! Ayesha hears these words from behind the door and gets a little upset and can't bear it and leaves. Sultan also says to Salim: "Your father always said that this child is a coward!" weak I always defended you.. I wish I didn't! You couldn't shoot an arrow to kill him in front of your eyes! It was not enough and now you are talking about his killer! Your father was afraid that you are cowardly and weak! Now go out, I don't want to see you again! Salim stares at him sadly and then leaves.

Wartlow is sitting in his house when Sena goes to see him and asks for his help, but Wartlow gets angry when he finds out her intention and doesn't give him this permission. But Ramzi secretly takes Sena's number to arrange sex for him. A little later, he calls Sena and asks him for the address so that he can pick up a kilo of material for him, and after he hangs up, Amrah, who is sitting next to him, smiles and takes him to the desired address.

Saadat is sitting in her house at night when Wartlow secretly comes to her door and apologizes to her and says: "I can't hurt a hair of yours, Sadish... Forgive me, I said something bad..." Saadat He caresses him angrily and says: "You finished me, Saleh... you set us on fire..." and then closes the door on him.

Sena takes Jens to the boss and Yamach follows him. When the boss finds out that it is Wartlow, he asks Sena to call Wartlow so that he can come too, and Sena doesn't know what to do. On the other hand, Wartlo sets fire to the warehouse along with Ramzi, and Pasha tells this news to Yamach, and Yamach immediately recovers. Pasha says: "All our assets are there, Yamach!" There is only one device that I know the location of and if we hit it we can control the fire. But the fire is very dangerous! » Yamach goes into the warehouse and presses the button of the required device, but when he returns, the fire blocks his way and Yamach falls on the ground.

Nazem and Amrah are happy that they somehow got Salim and Yamach into trouble.


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