A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 21

Pit 1_34

We are the black lambs, they are the first to notice our presence in the whole flock!

After a few months, Gudal neighborhood is no longer the same as before. The neighborhood full of prostitutes and illegal activities can easily be seen everywhere. There is no news from Kochvalis anymore... A teenager who is being looked for by several people meets Mahsoun. The complainant comes forward and claims that the boy stole his phone. The boy, who is a bit scared, says that they have already taken the phone from him and now they are only looking to punish him. Mahsoun asks the reason for the boy's theft and he says: "I wanted to sell it and eat bread with it, buy shoes, blankets..." Mahsoun realizes that the boy has nothing to do and calls his brothers to defend him. Arrest the complainant. Then he says to the boy: "We didn't have anyone like you, then look..." He points to his brothers and continues: "We found each other. Then he takes the boy with him to a house full of teenage boys, and he reaches out to him and kills him.

Mahson together with Chetu gathered the teenage boys so that Chetu could talk to them. Chatto begins like this: "It is difficult to enter our group, but there is no way out. We are black sheep! Then he calls the children one by one and hacks the sign of their group with a hot rod on the finger of their left hand. He continues: "I grew up in an alley." I didn't have any trouble. Then I found Mahsoun... we relied on each other, we became brothers. Then we said that it's not just the two of us. The alleys are full of black lambs like us. Dear heart, we have no past! We don't have a family. We are the black sheep.. in the whole flock, they notice our existence first. The wolf will come first and get us, but if the whole flock is black, the white lamb will be in trouble, which has nothing to do with us! Only unity and being one will save us. »

Yamach is busy singing again in Bari Dar Gudal. He also lives in a house in the neighborhood, but the disappointment is clear from his face.

Some people are following the black sheep of a woman who has a child in her arms and is running away and asking for help from her neighbors. But no one pays attention to a naive woman. A woman named Farida sees Kamal and asks him for help. Kamal's hands tremble under the influence of the recent nervous pressure and he has stuttered. When he sees the black lambs, he asks with fear to come with Farida. They take Farida and her baby, Hero, to the house of Kochavalis, which is now the headquarters of the Chetu command, and take her baby from her and give it to Saadat, who is imprisoned in the house's storage room, to take care of her. Mahsoun said to Farida: "It is true that we killed your husband and you are angry with us, but we want to give you another chance!" We understand better than anyone what happens when a child is separated from his family. Now do you want these calamities to happen to your son too...?! No, it doesn't come. We take good care of it. But now we are very curious to know what a mother is willing to do for her child. "And after a little pause, he continues: "Now let me tell you what we want from you... There is someone who is killing our people and we cannot get close to him. You take this gun and go to him and kill him. It's very easy! If you do this, I will hand over the hero to you. Farideh cries and takes the gun from him.

The one who is in charge of producing the Cheto material for sale is Wartlow, who was forced to do so after taking his wife and unborn child hostage.

About a month ago, the black sheep tried to kill Jomali, the older brother of Yamach and Salim, who has been in prison for ten years. Jomali gets into a fight with a person who is one of the Black Lamb brothers in the prison bathroom, and there he dies due to slipping and breaking his head, and he is taken to the morgue.

The unknown person who kills the black lambs one by one at night and sends their bodies to Chetu and Mahsoun has made them very angry. Chatto says to increase the security measures of the neighborhood and at the same time tells Mahsoun that no one should know about these cases.


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