A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 207

Pit 83

Amrah goes to his mother that night and asks her to help him separate Sena and Yamach because despite Yamach, Sena's life is in danger. His mother doesn't agree at first, but then she agrees.

Sena reaches the atelier and Anil apologizes to him and says: "You were my last chance..." When Sena sees his condition, he asks him to go to the hospital, but Anil says: "No." . I am wanted. Pick up my phone and call someone by your name! When Sena picks up the phone, she sees a picture of herself and Vedat hugging each other on the screen, and then calls Vedat. Vedat, who is Anil's friend, bandages him and asks Sena to stay there for the night because Anil might have a fever. After Vedat leaves, Anil says, “I knew... look... you are here. "Sena says: "I got married and I am very happy. I won't let you enter my life anymore! Then he is about to leave when Anil asks him to stay and Sena can't bear it and stays with him. In the morning, he asks Adnan what is the matter, and Adnan explains: "I didn't have money, I had to buy and sell materials from one of the big producers. I sold it, but then he asked for the ingredients. I don't know what to do... he wants to kill me, Sena... but there is someone named Wartlo Saadatuddin, whose products are good for me. Sena gets up angrily and says: "I can't believe that you tricked me here!" What kind of person are you! And he goes towards the exit and Adnan follows him and keeps apologizing to him, but Sena doesn't listen to him and Adnan, who is very weak, loses consciousness. Sena still doesn't like it and returns to stay with him.

Idris asks Yamach and Salim to take Medd to Wartlo himself, and Yamach and Salim inevitably agree. Idris takes Madd to Wartlo's house and when he sees the people of the neighborhood who have become Wartlo's guards, he feels sorry and even spits on one of the people with hatred and regrets and leaves without saying a word and angrily turns to Salim says: "Are these the ones who came to guard our places?" Weren't you responsible for them? Why are they working for Wartlo now? Yamach asks his father to be calm and Idris tells him: "This is a lesson for you!" You have to throw out the person who doesn't listen to you! Salim gets upset and leaves the room and says Yamach to his father: "Do you understand that you will be upset by Wartlo and leave my brother's head empty?" Then he goes to Salim, who is very angry, and asks him to at least calm down, but Salim says loudly: "He erased all the good deeds I had done recently with a pen!" I'm tired of looking guilty! Yamach says that he will solve the problem himself and will talk to his father, and Salim says: "If you want to talk to him, tell him that he should apologize to me!" Then he leaves. Yamach, who was shocked by his words, does not know what to do.

Salim goes to Nazim and asks him to stop destroying places and threatening people and to release them. The moderator says: "It's too late!" I accept it, but the team does not accept it either! No one is forced to work for us. You can go talk to them, if your proposal is better, tell them to work with you! Salim gets up to leave and Nazim says: "Even if you die, your father will never see you!" »

Madd informs Wartlo about Saadat's marriage, and Wartlo immediately calls Saadat and makes an appointment with him and asks: "Is it true that they are giving you a husband?" Don't do this Sadish. They are playing with us! Come with me, Saadat..." Saadat says: "What should I do? where shall we go? Vartlo, who doesn't know what to do, says angrily: "Your Sultan's mother doesn't care about you, she wants to torture me!" Saadat says: "I know... but I got stuck in the middle of you guys... When Baba Idris asked me my opinion, I said everything you know..." Wartlow says: "How could you say this, Sadish... You are my Sadish." Saadat says: "I am not Sadish of anything!" I am not Sadish Vartlo at all! "Wartlow gets angry and messes up everything and says: "I will kill you and I will kill him. Such a thing never happens! Saadat gets a little scared and leaves. Wartlo goes to Idris and asks him not to marry Saadat, but Idris says: "It's already done... When I brought Madd, I wanted to tell you that if you can take care of my daughter, take her by the hand and take her with you and make him happy But you, the children of my neighborhood, made me a bodyguard for you! My daughter has nothing to do with you! "Wartlow says: "There will be a fight! do not do it! But Idris keeps his word and asks him to leave.

Amrah calls Yamach and makes an appointment with him. Yamach tells her to stay away from Sena and Amrah says: "Sena knows everything about you in the nine months that you have been married. Do you also know that, for example, he committed suicide twice in high school, he studied architecture, and the same teacher who helped him gave him a boyfriend, and in the end he left the school because of that? No, you don't know! You are the one who should stay away from the senate. If you don't believe my words, ask my mom, she will tell you everything! Yamach gets angry but has nothing to say.


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