A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 202

Pit 82

Yamach brings Sultan to the house while sitting on a wheelchair and Madd lowers his head when he sees him and Sultan says: "Why did you bring this?" You know what I want! And Yamach asks Madd to look at Sultan, Madd stares at Sultan while his eyes are filled with tears, and Yamach asks Sultan to look well into Madd's eyes and then, as he asked, without looking at each other. Zedni will kill Madd. And he immediately takes out his gun and takes help on the head. At the same time, Salim arrives and asks Madd why he shot his mother. And Madad says: "Rarely, he wanted to hit my brother. I tried to take the gun from his hand, but he fired his own gun, and I didn't know Sultan Khanum was there... I don't shoot women and children on purpose. I shoot my brain, I don't shoot them..." Salim asks Kamal and Mateen to take Madd down and then turns to his mother: "If this person dies, will your legs come back? When this person dies, won't your son's blood be left on the ground? You are the murderer of your son Wartlu Saadatuddin and the reason for his hatred and hatred! Sultan stares at him with surprise and Salim continues: "You brought Yamachu to make peace, now you want blood for your blood!" Let go of this, mother! Stay with your grandson! And he gets up and leaves. Sultan asks Yamach to go out and then he picks up his phone and calls Jomali on the phone in the prison. Sultan says: "I know you don't talk to me, at least listen." Take revenge on your brother! Do not listen to what your father and brothers say. They forget that they are small, you don't forget! And then he hangs up.

Wartlow goes with him to his house and finds Ramsay and the people of the neighborhood who have come to join him. Wartlow is happy with their decision and then shows them his tattoo and says: "I am no different from you. I'm a kid from the same neighborhood..." At the same time, someone calls Vartlo and informs that they have received the help. Wartlow immediately goes to the door of the Kochvalis' house and calls Yamach and asks him what is going on and to release Medd as soon as possible. Yamach says: "Shut up! Destroy your gene! I tried very hard to save you. Do not produce sex anymore. Don't spoil what is already! Wartlo gets nervous and asks for help, but Yamach refuses and Wartlo calls all his men and says: "If you don't see, I'll have to take it myself!" "Yamach is shocked when he sees Ramsey and then coldly tells Wartlow to do whatever he wants and then says: "Injury won't help..." Wartlow says: "Okay, I'm leaving now, but tomorrow if it doesn't help, I'll go home. I'm going to work! And he leaves there with his men. Wartlow asks his men to tell if anyone knows the location of the Kojawali's weapon. No one says anything, and Wartlow offers more money to anyone who knows anything. Ramsay comes forward and agrees to tell Wartlow everything. Then he takes Wartlow to the playground and says that there is a cache of weapons under it. Wartlow says: "First we get help and then we get here!" »

Salim goes to Alicho and asks him: "Could you find out who they were?" Alicho says: "The three of them." One is Nazema's lawyer. That one is Vartlu Saadatuddin, Saleh Kochvali and another one. He has a beard, his hair is long, he is young. » Salim calls him Afarini!

Saadat's mind is busy with what the Sultan said to him and asked for his marriage. Saadat tells this to Sena, and Sena sadly says: "But if you don't want it, it won't happen." Saadat says with despair: "Whatever Baba Idris says will happen." Sena, who is worried about him, goes to Yamach and tells him about the matter. Yamach assures him that this will not happen. Madad, who is in the room, hears these words and gets worried.

When Salim goes to his room, Ayesha tells him: "My mom wants Saadat to marry Jamil." I suggested it! Salim thinks a little and Ayesha asks him to talk to Jamil and tell him this news.

Amrah sends his men to catch someone named Anil and succeeds. On the other hand, an unknown number calls Sena, and when Sena answers it away from Yamach's eyes, the person behind the phone says, "Me too, Anil... Everyone turn their backs on me, otherwise I wouldn't have called you." Everyone is following me. I hid in the studio. I am wounded You will come to see my body tomorrow morning...! Sena doesn't say anything and Anil hangs up the phone and then stares at Amrah who forced him to do this and says: "He's coming... I'm sure." But don't forget our date! In order to make her more believable for the senate, Amrah shoots her and says: "You told the girl you won't live until tomorrow, so she should believe it!" Anil stares at him with hatred and curses him. Sena also gets ready and lies to Yamach that there is a problem in their house and runs out of the house.


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