A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 201

Pit 81-3

Wartlow and Madd go to a club to crash, but when they enter, the owner of the club, who is also a Turk, invites them for a drink. After getting drunk, they dance among everyone and spend time there until the end of the night. In the morning, they face the people who are going to give the little baby to them. One of those people angrily asks: "What are you talking about, a little boy?! Wartlo understands from his look that they are not the party to their account and starts to run away with Madd.

Yamach asks Rashid Fazlullah to somehow gather all the big heads in one place because he intends to remove Azar and his companions from the entire universe!

Salim goes to the hospital and when he sees Damla still sitting anxiously behind Jomali's room, he asks her to go out for a walk. They talk a little about Azar and Sultan and Karaja's decision, and then Damla tells Salim about Saadat's decision to divorce Wartelo. Salim fits and decides to talk to Wartlow.

Yamach goes to the big heads and says to them: "You don't understand your limits. But I will give you another chance. Either you come and kiss our hands and don't show me your intentions, or you stay behind Azar, in which case I won't have mercy on you. He turns to Ahmad and Zubair and says to them with a threatening look: "Because you attacked our places." I can't forgive you at all! »

Yamach, who knows that no one but Afsun can have money for Azar, collects his trash and gives it to Alicho to find evidence about this. On the other hand, Fasun, who has been entrusting one of his people to follow Nahir all this time, takes the address from him and goes to Nahir who is doing yoga in a park and befriends him.

Yamach first goes to Ahmed's place and by putting himself in the place of a worker and pointing a gun at him, he forces him to tell him the location of Zubair first. Then he immediately kills him and goes to the dock to finish Zubair's job, which he does! On the other hand, Alicho, who understood the spell once when Idris was killed and another time when Azar attacked the neighborhood, sent a lot of money to Azar, tells this to Yamach.

Wartlow and Madd go to see Zia with the boy. Zia gets angry and says that this boy is the most troublesome creature among the Chinese group and he is causing trouble for them. An hour later, the Chinese go to the hotel with clubs and sticks, and Wartlow and Madd, seeing them, run away from the hotel window with Zia and the boy.

The doctor tells Salim that they need to give Jomali blood immediately and if this doesn't work, there is no hope. Salim stares at him worriedly.

Yamach again went to the meeting of the leaders and placed the tombstones of Ahmad and Zubair in front of them and said: "You have to find out if you are with me or not!" Otherwise, you will suffer the same fate.." Everyone got up one by one and left the meeting. Shab Tamsah goes to Azar with two other people and says that he has to kill Yamach because he threatened them. Azar says that for some reason he can't do anything to Yamach and makes them surprised and angry.

Damla goes to see the unconscious Jomali and tells him angrily: "I know you will not die... I want you to hear my voice." Because I never said it. I like..." At the same time, Jomali's body starts to shake and the devices beep one after the other. The doctors go over Jomali's head and try to turn him around in a hurry.

Yamach is in the amusement park when some people attack him and just when he has no hope, a person wearing a black mask comes to his aid and then tries to escape. Yamach realizes that he is the one who saved him many times and goes after him, and when he finally removes his mask, he faces Mahsoun and is shocked and says: "But I killed you... this is not possible..."


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