A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 200

Pit 81-2

Yamach gathers a large number of his men together with Salim and the others, and all of them attack Azar's house armed, and when they get near the house, Karaja suddenly opens the door. Everyone is shocked to see him as Karaja says decisively: "From now on, I am a guest in this house." stop it You can ask my grandmother everything. And closes the door on them. Everyone is a little nervous and surprised by this. Fadik thanks Karaja for his sacrifice even though Azar is not at all happy about his presence in the house. Fadik says to Azar: "I didn't give birth to my children because you want to kill." Karaja will stay here until you stop fighting and arguing. »

Salim and Yamach angrily go to Sultan to ask the reason for this. Salim angrily turns to his mother: "What is Karaja doing in that house?" "Sultan says: "He wanted to ask me and I thought it appropriate. Salim greedily says, "I'm going crazy now!" Sultan says: "Why?" Because your daughter did what you couldn't do and protected her family? And he turns to Yamach and says: "Or because he finished the war you started?! Yamach says softly: "You don't understand what kind of fire you put Karaja on." »

Salim angrily goes to Bari. One of the employees there tries to calm Salim when he sees him in a bad mood, but Salim does not show him a happy face. Salim left a little later and went to a pub where the same man came and sat down with Salim. "You don't remember me," he explains. Once you came to our place and sang a song. You were very drunk and didn't feel like going home, so you stayed with me that night. Today, when I saw your bad mood, I wanted to tell you if you need anything and want to tell me... If you are in pain, I will listen. Salim thinks a little and says: "Are you sure you want to listen?" So everything from the beginning..." Salim himself introduces little Salim without worrying about anything and then starts to explain everything from the time when the hero was killed by Wartlow to that man.

Yamach also goes to the door of Nahir's house. He tries to comfort Nahir and tells about his fight with his mother and Jumali's bad mood. Nahir listens to his words well and asks: "Did he not die?" Yamach answers no and Nahir says, "Well then, let's order food!" Yamach is shocked by his behavior and Nahir says: "No matter what I say, nothing will change..." After dinner, they watch animation together and at the end of the night, they get closer and kiss each other...

Salim says between the pain of his heart: "I always think to myself after the death of my hero brother, I was really afraid that I didn't protect him or I always wanted the death of the hero..."

When Azar sees Karaja in their house wherever he goes, he turns away when Karaja walks up and tells him: "If my being here bothers you, it bothers me more." Because I came to this house and bowed my head, your mind will not be confused! Even if I have to stay here for a lifetime, every time I look at your face, I want to spit! I will never forget that I am small. you don't either »

Salim goes near the beach with that man. He says about the death of Idris: "A person cannot bear the burden of killing his father..." and he remembers the day when Vartlo told Jumali that he went to Armotli to find his father's killer, Salim and Yamach from behind. He heard these words and Yamach was in a bad mood... Salim is silent for a while, but then he goes to the man and hugs him. throw


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