A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 2



At the hospital, Jamil, who is annoyed by Ayesha's attention to Salim, reminds him that his belongings are at Jameel's house, and Ayesha gets angry. Seeing that Jameel wants to get close to her, Ayesha asks her to be her sister. Meanwhile, Wartlow arrives with Madd. Seeing Madad, Ayesha rushes towards him. Wartlow stops him and says: "First, help me explain everything to you, then you want to curse, you want to hit, you want to kill." I will not interfere." Wartlo enters Salim's room and Salim is shocked to see him and realizes that it is Yamach's work. "Salim, we are brothers," Wartlow tells him. Salim laughs and sees Wartlow's serious face, he realizes that this is true and says: "Are you righteous?" Wartlow says: "I am righteous." Vartlo explains to Salim what was the cause of Madd's assassination, and Salim says that he provoked Baikal to kill Vartlo. Wartlow assures Salim that Idris does not know about his connection with Baikal and says: "This issue will remain with me until the grave." Salim suddenly becomes silent between their words and sadly says to Wartlo: "Why did you kill the hero Wartlo?" When did you know it was your brother? Wartlow lowers his head and says, "Did you know when you were shaking hands with the devil, you would be beaten?" Did you know what was going to happen? That's how it is."

On the other hand, the news has hardly arrived and he goes to the coffee house angrily. Uncle goes out of the coffee house to talk to her. He says: "Dad didn't know either. There is no solution for what has happened. He was our beloved hero. But now everything has changed. what to do now what to say There is no choice." Rarely says: "When the hero dies, everyone shouts revenge, revenge." Did Saddam come? What is revenge? dead gone You could not protect him. What revenge? Can't say He must leave here. Our neighbor came. Sometimes I look and see an animal sitting on the balcony drinking tea. He says, I killed your husband, but I am here, drinking my tea. Then say dead. My pain is not his death. get out of here My son does not see it. Now we know it was his son, right? What should I tell my son? What should I say to Akshin? Let me tell you that your father died, don't be sad, now you have a new uncle?"

Idris gathers his people in the coffee house and tells them: "My children! You know the case. You ask yourself what you should do. Nothing has changed. Whatever you were doing until today, you are doing the same thing. You protect your neighborhood. If this person does the slightest harm to the people, you will attack him."

Jalason returns to his home and tells his mother that he joined her to take revenge on Wartlow, and now that he is the son of Idris, he was unable to kill Wartlow and returned. She cries in her mother's arms and asks what she should do now. His mother says: "You don't die with the dead, my son." Revenge means this. "You live, but not with a gun." "I don't know any other way, mother," Jalason says. His mother answers: "Your father used to say the same thing." What was the result?"

With the help of Mecca, who was sent by Yamach to take care of Alicho, Alicho places a large board in his room and sticks all the clues related to Hala's death on it and starts examining the things left by Hala.

Baikal is sitting in his house, happy with killing Hale and the message he sent to Yamach, when Salim calls Nazem and says: "Tell the honorable Mr. Wartloo is not dead." If he still insists on getting involved with someone, he should get involved with his ex-boyfriend." Salim then tells him that Wartlow is their brother. Nazem tells Baikal all this and Baikal angrily orders him to be brought to kneel before him. Nazem says: "Dad, Wartlo is on one side, Yamach is on the other side." Their fronts are different. it's not OK." "Do whatever I say," says Baikal. On the other hand, Amrah joins her father after a few days of absence while still having doubts. He remembers his childhood and a memory that still haunts him. He played the piano and his father used to harass him every time because of his defects and threatened to leave him alone. Seeing him, Baikal complains that he left her alone and Amrah says: "You left me too." Baikal says: "I did not volt." I went to prison and gave you to Gezideh. Baikal, who knows how to hold him, says: "Go away." It doesn't help you here." Amrah sits on the ground in front of him and says: "I'm not going anywhere." IM here. I'm waiting for you to say a word so I can do it." Baikal introduces two brothers to each other.


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