A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 199

Pit 81-1

Yamach sees from a distance that three people are shooting at Jumali and Salim tries to protect him and shoots at Aha, but he himself is wounded. Yamach immediately takes his brothers to the hospital.

The news of Jomali's injury is spreading in the neighborhood. Damla goes to the hospital worriedly, and Sultan, who is praying, pretends not to be too upset, but cries away from the eyes of others and asks God not to grieve over the death of his son.

Jumali's condition is not good at all and he has lost a lot of blood. Yamach gets up without paying attention to the others and goes to Uncle Salami, who is a veterinarian, and takes him to Jomali's head and asks him to keep Jomali for them anyway. He says to Salami: "I called you because we are your father's trust." I know that even if my brother passes away from us, you tried your best to save him.." Salami also tries his best and stands over Jomali's head continuously until the operation is successful, but he tells Yamach and Damla that They should do their best to keep Jomali from going into a coma because his condition is still very bad.

When Salim regains consciousness, he leaves the hospital sadly and is worried about Jomali's condition. He does not sleep until morning and calls Yamach to find out about him. Yamach realizes that Salim is in the area and goes next to him, and when he sees the sadness in his eyes, he says: "This is not the same. Salim says: "Can we not talk?" Yamach only says: "You won't leave me alone, will you?" »

Yamach and Salim decide to go to Azar for revenge. Right there in front of the hospital, Sultan angrily and seriously asks them not to continue this fight because he does not want his sons' lives to be in danger. Karaja, who heard their conversation, goes with his grandmother.

Ayesha is not in a good mood and sleeps in her bed all the time and is like a depressed person. Akin calls her and Ayesha happily answers. Akin tells her that they will meet soon and Ayesha will feel better.

Wartlow and Medd find it necessary to have bodyguards to take the boy out of town as ordered by the Khan. Yunus promises them to solve this case for them.

Jalason and Makkah go to Yamach and Salim who are in the coffee house and inform them that people are angry because of Kamal's death and Jomali's injury and they will not be locked together. Salim and Yamach get up to join them.


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