A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 198

Pit 80-3

After the time that Yamach and the others had together, Alicho goes to see Yamach and tells him to come with him because someone has come to see him. He takes Yamach to his house where Nahir is waiting for him. Nahir complains to Yamach that he has not answered her for several days. "I had a funeral," says Yamach bitterly. Nahir sadly consoles him... Then Yamach asks: "Why did you come?" Nahir says honestly: "I missed you..." Yamach hesitates a little and then starts to think again sadly. In order to change his mood, Nahir says: "There are two ways. One of them is to put your head on my shoulder and cry. I will caress you and tell you that everything will be fine. But it won't pass. He takes Yamach to a club. There he and Yamach drink a lot and get drunk and then start dancing in the middle of the crowd. Yamach walks over to Sen and grabs the singer's microphone and begins to sing. One of the customers steps forward and forcibly takes the microphone from him, which causes a fight. Nahir goes to Yamach for help and in the end both of them leave the club beaten. Nahir jokingly tells him: "You didn't die again!" Yamach smiles faintly and kisses him. They go to Nahir's house and spend the night together. In the morning, Nahir woke up early and left there with a note for Yamach. Yamach immediately gets ready and goes to the neighborhood where Jomali and Salim tell him about Azar's attack and the destruction of their places. Yamach looks meaningfully at uncle and then goes towards him. "You were right," says the uncle. They try to enter through any hole! I was just trying to protect both you and Pit, Yamach... but I won't interfere anymore. You have to promise me that you will protect yourself first and then your brothers. Yamach promises.

Vartlo and Madd find out about Zia's whereabouts and go to her. Zia tells them that the flash that contains the video is now in the hands of a German named Khan Zimran, but Khan says that they have to do something for him in exchange for the flash. Vartlo, seeing that he has no choice, agrees and goes to Khan. Khan first shows him the flash, but then he makes his request. "They should send him out of town without harming him," he says. Wartlow immediately agrees, but at night he meets a four-five-year-old boy who is basically his gender, and they have to send him out of the city. Both Madd and Wartlo are stuck and dry.

Yamach, along with Salim and Jumali, go to the hotel where Rashid Fazlullah is staying. Yamach asked him the names and addresses of those who were present at that Azar meeting. Rashid tells everyone he knows. Salim and Jumali leave the hotel ahead of him and get into the car. At the same time, Azar calls Yamach and says: "Did you go to Rashid Fazlullah to go under his pillow?" I am so close to you that I can shoot you in the brain, but I will show you what it means to lose a brother in front of your eyes! Yamach stares at Salim and Jomali with horror, when three armed men shoot at Jomali and Salim is also wounded...


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