A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 197

Pit 80-2

Uncle Yamach takes him to Alicho's house and sits him by the sea and then says: "I told you something. Did you see the result? Kamal is gone. If you don't stop, you will lose your brothers too. you have to stop Yamach slowly agrees but says that he will not rest if they sit down.

When Fadik finds out about Azar from Yilmaz and realizes that he has gone to Istanbul, he immediately asks him to take him to Istanbul without saying a word. Yilmaz also accepts. On the other hand, Azar gathered all the big heads of the city along with the crocodile. There is also Rashid Fazullah among the crowd. Azar wants them to help him to plant small trees. How many people say: "Why should we put ourselves in trouble?" This is your personal problem. Your brother was taken from you, not from us! "Tsamsah stands up to support Azar and says: "This is not a personal problem. Where are Dahan and your father now? where is the bullet They are like you! But the little ones destroyed them. We should not hold hands. "Azar also says: "Either you go home and wait for the little monkeys to sniff you, or we will pull them out of the pit together! »

After this meeting, Rashid Fazlullah goes to see Yamach. He tells her and the others in the coffee house that Azar Kurtulosh has mobilized everyone to remove the pit from the map together. Yamach looks meaningfully at uncle and thanks Rashid Fazlullah for this news.

Sultan goes to see Akin in the valley and says: "Your uncles and grandfather threw you out of the neighborhood." Why? "Akin says: "Because I told the truth. Because I said, with this decision, you are endangering the pit and its people. You saw that Kamal is gone, grandma. Maybe if you talk to them, I can come back. Sultan first asks him to call Ayesha and make her worry, and then he gives her the pills and medicine she needs and leaves.

When Jumali realizes that Yamach has decided to retreat and not be his attacker, he gets angry and protests his action. But Yamach says that he doesn't want to make a move because of his promise to his uncle. He is going out of the coffee house when Nadim, who was fired from Lunet Club because of his legs, goes to Yamach and says: "You asked to see me. Yamach remembers and asks Nadim to work in their coffee house. Nadeem happily accepts.

Fadik goes to see the Sultan and tells him: "My condolences." I know you also had a funeral today. But I lost my son today, which was Yamach's fault. The Sultan sits down and offers his condolences. Fadik continues: "Mrs. Sultan, you know this torment as well as I do. But if this continues like this, our hearts will be saddened more than this. Their pride and anger are for themselves. We are mothers. I came to finish the fight that our children started. Sultan gives him the right and does not say a word.

Mateen is sitting alone in the pub. Yamach joins him, and a little later, Jomali, Salim, Jalason, Amu, Alicho, and Mecca arrive. Mateen left an empty space for Kamal and Alicho for Idris. Yamach hatefully stares at the empty place of their departed. They drink together, not knowing that Azar's people, along with other bigots, have attacked all their places and made a mess...


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