A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 195

Pit 79-3

When Sultan realizes that Ayesha didn't bother to come down, he angrily goes to her room and yells at her. Ayesha opens her eyes with difficulty, and Sultan, seeing the medicines, asks her: "What is this, Ayesha?" "Ayesha says uneasily: "Medicine. Do you want me too, mom? Sultan angrily tells him that he should be careful what he says. Ayesha stands on her feet with difficulty and says angrily: "I entered this house when I was 16 years old. You said come, I came. You said go away... I married your son who didn't look me in the face once and gave you two grandchildren... I said no problem... but now I can't stand it. My hands and feet tremble every day when I hear the news of the death of one of my children.. I can't bear this. I'm afraid. It's just sleep that doesn't let me get scared..." and he lies down again to fall asleep. Sultan looks at him with sadness and pity and takes his medicine and covers his face.

When Yamach asks about Wartlow from Madd, Madd says that Wartlow visited his parents' graves before going to Germany because he has a flight today. Yamach also goes to the cemetery and watches Wartlo from a distance. Wartlow goes to his mother's grave and gives her heartache about Idris. In the end, he notices a nylon with a pacifier and a letter from Saadat and little Idris for Mehraban, and he stares at the sky with hatred and says: "God, what are you trying to do with me..." Wartlow gets up. He wants to go to Idris's grave, but his legs hardly move and he stares at his father's grave from afar. Then he slowly goes to the grave and cries and says: "Father, forgive me." I couldn't protect you..." Yamach hears this and his eyes fill with tears. Wartlow notices him from a distance, and Yamach walks towards him with something on his back and asks: "Why do you want to go to Germany?" Wartlow, who doesn't like to give an explanation, asks: "First, tell me what is that behind you?" Yamach says: "I say." But answer my question first. "Wartlow says with a grudge: "I'm going to look for Zia. He escaped to Germany... Didn't I kill him, Yamach... He says I saw who killed him, it was a young boy..." Yamach remembers that sad day and then, to change the atmosphere, the tombstone that was placed a long time ago Wartlow gives him the one he had made for him during their war and says: "Keep this, when the time comes, you will put it on my grave." Wartlow laughs. At the same time, Farhad arrives and informs Yamach that the GPS that was placed in the heel of Qadir's shoe has tracked Azar's house and that even Bulent and Azar are there. But Azar along with Yilmaz are waiting somewhere else and have only baited Bulent. When Yamach and the others arrive there, they find Bulent and Jomali takes care of him! After this mission, Wartlow says goodbye to Yamach and Salim to catch his flight. After he leaves, Azar attacks with his men and catches Yamach alone and shoots him from above. Kamal throws himself in front of Yamach and Azar's bullets hit him. Yamach hugs Kamal and cries while Kamal is dying: "Brothers? are we one And he fists his hands, which have the pit symbol tattooed on them.


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