A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 193

Pit 79-1

To get the hostage girls, Salim and Jomali form two groups and attack Azar's place with some other young people. But there is no news about the guards or Azar himself. When Jumali calls Salim to find out about his condition, Salim also says that there is no one at home and they both understand that it was a trap and at the same time a large number of Azar armed men attack them and They are bombarded from all sides. Jomali, along with Uncle, Mecca, and Jalason, hide in the corners so that they can fight against the large number of Azar people, but they have little ammunition left and they cannot resist much. On the other hand, Salim, Ejvit and Salem have the same conditions, but they find a box full of small arms inside the house and continue this war.

Uncle and Jumali are shot in the stomach and Uncle almost faints. Jumali, who has run out of cartridges, asks Jalason to throw one of the guns to him. Jalason does it but the gun is thrown away! They stare at each other in despair as Wartlow's voice is heard. Along with Madd and a big machine gun, he destroys all the enemies and saves Jumali and the others. Although Jomali is injured, he tells him that they should go and save Salim as well. Wartlow, Jalason and Madd go to the house where Salim is trapped. Salim is surprised and happy to see him.

Yamach remembers the crocodile's conversation in the car, and he is distracted by the fact that the crocodile is shooting at him with a machine gun in the middle of the road. Yamach immediately throws himself out of the car and his shoulder is injured and he takes shelter behind it and shoots at the crocodile once in a while, when suddenly the cars that the crocodile was riding on explode and the crocodile is killed. lets run away An unknown person is coming towards him from the side of the forest.

Just when there is no one in the pit, Azar enters it with his men. The pit girls see him from the rooftops and chase him. One of the girls goes to the warehouse where Shenul and Morteza Qadir are imprisoned and informs about Azar's arrival. When Azar enters the warehouse, he encounters a large number of girls and finds out about Qadir. The girls take care of him, and meanwhile, Shenul and Morteza are keeping a watchful eye behind the warehouse. When Morteza sees that Shenul is not paying attention, he takes out his gun, but then he regrets to make a move.

Mateen and Kamal go to another place in Azar to find the girls. By the way, the girls are there hand and foot and some guards are watching over them. One of the girls dares and shouts, which makes Matin and Kamal to be sure of their presence and attack. One of the people also gives this news to Azar and Azar angrily goes to that place. The electric shutter of the warehouse comes down and Mateen and Kamal try to take the girls out as quickly as possible. Kamal goes to the shutter and tries his best to hold the shutter so that the girls can all go out. When he does this, he gets stuck in a warehouse and Azar knocks him unconscious from behind.


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