A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 19

Pit 34_2

Alicho is hospitalized in a mental hospital. Someone brings him a bowl of soup once in a while and makes him happy who is forgotten and hardly remembered by anyone.

Kamal tries not to let Mahsoun take Farida with him. He even offers to do it instead of Farida himself. But Mahsoun mockingly tells him not to interfere and even tells him that they have been watching everyone long before they took over the neighborhood. A little later, Kamal goes to his brother Mateen, who is now a butcher in the neighborhood, to help him save Farida or at least tell him if he knows where Yamach is. But Mateen, who lost one of his eyes in the clashes and was cut off from everyone, tries to dissuade him and says: "You are helping Farida today, very good. Who will you help tomorrow? Is it over? Do you want to put a bullet in your brain? Kamal says: "But this is my neighborhood..." Mateen says loudly: "This is not your neighborhood anymore." It is his neighborhood. Is your neighborhood a place where you can no longer walk around the streets? Because they allow us to stay here and as long as they allow us to stay. Put this in your head! Kamal says angrily: "That kid's name is Hero." I could not take care of a hero, but no matter what you say, I will take care of this hero, brother. Then he leaves there. Yildiz, who witnessed the fight between the two, approaches Kamal and gives him the address where Yamach sings every night.

Wartlow goes to the small house to find a trace of happiness. He begins to sing aloud to somehow inform him if Saadat is there. Saadat, who is imprisoned in a warehouse, hears his voice and starts singing with Wartlow in a soft voice. But because of the guards, he cannot do anything. Wartlow, who is disappointed, goes to see Cheto and asks him to give him the medicinal ingredients found in the hospitals. Cheto tells him to do it himself, and after delivering the materials to the Bulgarians, who are parties to the contract, he releases Saadat. Wartlow inevitably agrees.

Yamach visits Alicho from time to time. When he sees the bowl of soup, he hopefully asks him who brought him soup. But Alicho doesn't say anything. Sena, who brings soups for Alicho, sees them from behind the window, but does not approach them. When he wants to go back, he sees Wartlow who has come to steal the pills he needs. Wartlow is surprised to see the senate. They talk a little. Wartlow asks the senate not to tell anyone that he stole the pills because he had to do it to save Sahad. Sena says to him: "Are you sure Saleh?" You know these people well. Are you sure they keep their word? If they don't need you, why do they keep their promise? Wartlow, who is confused by the Senate's words, leaves there.

Darren asks Sena why she doesn't reveal herself to Yamach when she sees him. Sena says: "I still haven't forgiven Yamach, I haven't forgiven my leaving." I am not going there because of that. The staff there are few and I go to help...» Daren insists that it is because of Yamach that he visits there. "The only person I trusted didn't trust me," Sena says. Only Amrah believed me. It was Amrah who saved me from that hell. Now go and do whatever wrong you want. I don't care. But when night falls, he goes to the bar where Yamach is reading and looks at him from afar.

Kamal came to the same bar to see Yamach and asks him for help to save Farida. Although Yamach is happy to see him, he desperately tries to please him, but Yamach says, "I have only one goal in my life now, to find Sena." "Kamal says with tears and begging in his eyes: "That kid's name is Hero. You had named him, you had called the call to prayer in his ear. Okay, you forgot me, but how can you forget this, Yamach Kochvali? Yamach's eyes fill with tears. At home at night, Yamach's mind is confused by Kamal's words. He walks around the neighborhood for a while and reminisces and then sends a message to Kamal that he will help him.

The unknown person again sends a number of dead bodies of black lambs to Chetu and Mahsoun. Cheto says angrily to Mahsoun: "My patience is over!" This work should be finished tonight. »


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