A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 187

Pit 77-1

Just when Yamach is about to insert the hot rod into Azar's chest, Fsun hits him on the head with a brick and knocks him unconscious, and hides Yamach in a corner before Azar's brothers arrive. He brings the trouble to Azar and does not say anything. Then he tries to treat the injured back of his neck and apologizes and says to the unconscious Yamach: "You are the strangest thing that has happened to me, little Yamach..." and gently kisses his clothes.

Yujel goes to the door of his wife's house, but the woman is horrified to see him and does not even allow him to see her young daughter, crying: "He told me everything. What you did to his wife and that girl... she was only 19 years old..." Yujel walks away sadly.

The manager tells Wartlow that Madd is going to be released because the Nortplays have withdrawn their complaint against him and there is nothing left for Wartlow's release. Wartlow, whose relationship with Zia is still unclear, is not happy about this news.

The doctor informs Afsun and Azar brothers that the operation was successful and Azar is getting better. On the other hand, when Shenul arrives at the workshop, he encounters an unconscious Yamach and brings him back to his senses. When Yamach opens his eyes, he finds the necklace that Nahir gave him in his hands. Then he leaves it to Shenul to check the hospitals around the workshop and see if they have taken Azar there or not. Then he takes himself to the doctor, who does not have any particular problem.

Wartlow goes to Zia. Zia tells him that if he wants to know who killed Idris, he should protect him because some people have tried to kill him! Wartlow resents having to do what he wants.

At night, Yamach goes to the nursing home and Nahir's room, but there is no news of him. He thinks and makes a beautiful shadow on the wall for her using the nightstand and the vase in the room. When Nahir arrives and sees this, he realizes that it is Yamach's work and smiles.

Akin goes to see Efsun, but Efsun tells him: "You are no longer of any use to us. You are not even in the pit anymore! "Ekin says: "It's true that I'm not there, but I'm closer to the small towns and the pit than you! »

Yamach enters her room wearing a staff uniform and holding a cake, after Shenool found out which hospital Azar was hospitalized in! Azar tries to defend himself, but Yamach says very quietly: "Today we want to celebrate the first day you were alive. From now on, you should make the best use of this second life until you die! Azar looks at him with surprise, but when he sees the cake in front of him, he says, "This is my first birthday cake!" Yamach laughs and expresses sympathy.

Yamach takes the list he was supposed to get from his uncle and checks it. Then he suggests that everyone spend the night together and have fun before visiting each of these places. Everyone agrees with his opinion.


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