A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 186

Pit 76-2

Jalason remembers that Idris once talked about the fact that he could have killed someone, but because he was over 80 years old and grounded, he didn't care. With this thought, Jalason distanced himself from Yojel and went to Yamach. Yamach tells him: "I knew you were like Meni Jalason..." At the same time, Vartlo calls Jalason and asks him to take care of the director of the prison with Makka, because it was reported that someone tried to kill him. After Yamach and Jalason leave, Ramsey, who followed them, learns that Yojal is alive.

Fadik says to Azar: "What did you do with Yamach, my son?" If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be alive. We owe him a life. I don't know if you or he should finish what you started. Azar, who has no patience for these words, asks his mother to stop.

Wartlow hears from Rashid that the Nortpelis are also in the same prison for beating Madd. Wartlow also goes to them and apologizes for the misunderstanding that happened. Then he says that now that he is also looking for Zia and they also want to pay for their brother's revenge, it is better to cooperate. Norteplays accept his words.

When Sultan goes to the neighborhood kitchen with Saadat and Damla, Ayesha stays at home under the pretext of going to see Akin. Akin is not happy to see her, and when Ayesha expresses concern about her condition, Akin smiles and says, "Your mother is a woman like a snake!" Do you even know why I shot 14 people in the legs? He went to Barqa and someone there called him a bastard! Maybe it wasn't with me, but I thought it was with me and I went crazy! Why do you think I thought like that, mom? You know? Why should a person be so upset with one word? Ayesha keeps stealing her gaze from Akin. Akin tells him: "Sometimes I forcefully stop myself so that I don't hit you!" Aisha sheds tears and leaves.

Kamal brings Jumali to the pavilion. One of Payon's daughters tells Damla this news. Damla immediately rushes to the pavilion and there she sees Jomali who has prepared a small birthday party for her. Damla gets excited and Jumali kisses her forehead and gives her his gift which is a beautiful ring.

Jalason and Mecca are watching the manager all the time, and whenever Zia's men try to attack him, they stop them and by anesthetizing and restraining them, they save the manager from the danger of death.

Afsun entrusted one of his people to investigate Morteza. The man says that Morteza is a powerful person who was Pasha's student. After that, Afsun goes to Azar and tells him that Yamach is trying to gather everyone behind him and this can destroy them and make them more lonely. But Azar proudly says that no one can rub his back on the ground, and when Yamach calls him and informs him to immediately prepare himself for the war, Azar immediately accepts. Afsun does not agree with this, but Azar does not pay attention to his words.

Two of Yujal's nurses put a letter from the court and his wife's request for divorce on his desk. Yujel, who hears this, his eyes are wide and he suddenly comes to life and starts walking. Akin, who heard the news of her being alive from Ramzi, smiles at her from afar.

In the prison, they drag the manager to the courtyard under the pretext that a prisoner has taken one of the guards hostage. Suddenly, Zia comes forward with a knife and tells the manager that he has gone beyond his limits and must die! At the same time, Wartlo arrives with Madd and then the Narteplis and attacks Zia's people. Zia immediately runs away and Wartlow follows her. Zia imprisons herself behind one of the cells and says to Wartlow: "It wasn't me. I did not kill your father. There was another one. If you want to know who it was, you should not kill me! Wartlow, who is confused, doesn't say anything and thinks.

Azar goes to the workshop where Yamach is waiting for him. The two of them are locked together and beat each other. In the end, Yamach punches him hard, and Azar falls on the ground and faints. Yamach turns and plunges a hot iron rod into his chest.


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