A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 185

Pit 75-2

Wartlow hears from the guard that Zia is going to be released even though his crime was serious and Wartlow may never touch him again.

Madad goes to a gold shop with a gun in order to go to jail. At the same time, Wartlow keeps calling him from prison, and when Medd finally answers and hears Wartlow's voice, he gets excited and listens to Wartlow's words, regardless of the fact that he is standing in the gold shop with a gun in his hand. Wartlo says: "Go to the coffee house of Nartpalli in Armutli and tell my brother Saad Al-Dinim all of you..." At the same time, his phone goes off, but because he didn't notice, he continues, "He needs your help." Because my brother wants to avenge your brother. Madad, who didn't hear what he was saying, turns back to leave the gold shop, but the police stops him. Madad tells the seller: "Tell me that I didn't threaten you and I didn't ask you for anything." The goldsmith confirms and says that he has no complaints. Aid is also released.

The crocodile charms Morteza. Morteza tells him that he has a special mission to Baikal and is willing to cooperate with him. He also accepts charms.

Yamach goes to the commander's house alone again and tries to pass the guards in front of the door, but they knock him down and Yamach gets into his car, but instead of returning, he quickly goes to the door of the house and closes it. They kill him and enter the yard. The guards patrol him and the commander arrives. Yamach angrily says that he will not leave until he catches Alicho! The commander smirks and imprisons him in one of the rooms. Yamach hatefully tells him: "How are you a father!" You are abusing your son. They don't call you daddy.." And then he remembers his father and while crying and hitting his head on the ground, he says, "Dad, my head hurts a lot..."

Alicho stood with Junid at a far point from Abu Qaisar's house to shoot him. But despite his young children, he doesn't do it, and even when the commander pressures him over the phone and orders Junaid to point the gun at Alicho and threaten him, Alicho He is anxious and does not accept this work. The commander tells him that there is no supply, and at the same time, the car carrying Abu Qaisar's children and himself passes in front of the trash can, and the trash can explodes, and the car turns into ashes along with it! Alicho shouts with sadness and says: "Children, children! They were there..."

The new manager goes to their room at Wartlow's invitation. The manager tells him that he knows that Wartlow plans to stay in jail, but due to his case, he will be released next week. Wartlow gets bored and it's time for their lunch. The manager humbly sits among them and eats their food.

Madad arrives at Natpoli coffee house and says to everyone: "Brother Saadat Al-Dinim, all of you..." and he pauses a bit, but then says: "To your wife, to your wife, to your grandfather, to all of you." Nestlon..." that all the people of the coffee house gathered in anger and beat him!!

Akin goes to Kota who is drunk and tells him: "I always thought you were with me. When I was in prison, I was very lonely, but I used to say that I would come to see you soon. but you didn't come Kotai says, "After you fell into my prison, I became lonelier. Everyone said you went to jail because of me! Everyone rejected me. But I tried to meet you again. Your heroic uncle had ordered me to leave the prison door without my foot! Akin says: "That's why you talked to Azar and told him about Karaja?" Kotai says, "If I didn't say it, it wouldn't have happened." No matter what happens, I will not let anyone hurt you, my brother..." Akin tells him warmly and starts drinking with him. An hour later, when they are walking on the street, Kotai says to Akin: "I know what's going on in your heart. You are very sad now...but this without me always by my side bro. Akin hugs him and leaves him there with a few stabs of a cowardly knife and leaves.

When Junid brings Alicho home, Alicho angrily points a gun at his father! The commander smirks and takes the gun from his hand and says, "You are a retard!" You can't do anything except something that you couldn't do! At the same time, Abu Qaisar calls the commander and says: "I am still alive, but you destroyed my children and my generation." I called to tell you that I want to do the same thing with you! At the same time, the commander's house was attacked and the commander pointed the gun at Alicho and blamed him. Zafar comes from behind and asks his father to stop Alicho's head, and when he sees that his words have no effect on his father, he kills him. Junid witnesses this scene, but cooperates with Alicho and Zafar and then hands him over to Yamach. Yamach takes Alicho, who is somewhat scared, away from there and finally takes him to his house and tries to calm him down. Seeing his behavior towards himself, Alicho remembers the first time he saw Idris, who helped him so compassionately.

The new manager tells Wartlow that someone named Madd has come and keeps saying Wartlow's name! Wartlow rushes over to Madd, who is badly beaten and bruised. Madd is happy to finally see Wartlow and hugs him!

After putting Alicho to sleep, Yamach goes out of the house and sees Nahir who has come there. He talks to Yamach for a while and then asks him to tell about the dream he saw. Yamach begins to describe his dream when Nahir stares at him in amazement and says, "I had the same dream..." Yamach stares at him for a while, but then says, "It was a ridiculous dream..." This is what Nahir said and he says to Yamach: "You are a coward! Stare into my eyes and tell me this time, do you really think he was dozing off? Yamach stares at him but doesn't say anything. Nahir puts his hand on Yamach's face and says, "You are crazy, but you are not a good liar..." and goes forward and kisses him...


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