A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 180

Pit 73-2

The trial begins and everyone is acquitted of their sins, but Jomali is sentenced to life imprisonment for escaping from prison. At the end, Wartlow is going to ask Salim to take care of his son, but he doesn't say anything and doesn't prepare to go home. On the other hand, Saadat is happily making up and preparing herself when Amre's mother, who lost her son in prison because of Wartlo, goes to see her with a girl named Janet. The woman kindly thanks Wartlow for his kindness and explains that her son was killed on the way to save Wartlow, and finally gives little Idris a small knitted hat. Saadat thanks Idris's crying. Saadat says: "Hey, he is crying. It is not possible to calm down without me! Janet goes to Idris and calms him down in the blink of an eye. Saadat stares at him with a smile.

Akin makes an appointment with the lawyer and apologizes for last night! A little later, Ramsey comes from behind, and the lawyer, afraid and suspecting that he will be harmed, pulls out a gun and shoots Akin, and then runs away. Ramsey follows him and catches him. Akin arrives with heavy concrete and throws it on the lawyer's head and kills him!

Salim enters the house and Ayesha and Karaja happily welcome him. Saadat, who has been waiting for Wartlo, approaches him sadly. Salim says that Vartlo did not want to come. Saadat is angry and Salim goes to the garden to see the Sultan. Sultan happily hugs her and points to the white roses in the garden and says: "Before, when your father wanted to take something away from me, he would come home with a bunch of white flowers." I said, now that he is not himself, let his consolation remain as a souvenir..." Salim gets angry and cries. Sultan caresses him and says: "You are all part of my body. Remember, don't embarrass me, don't embarrass your father in any way... You think you were not a good child for your father, but when we left the pit, you were the one who stood in front of the door with your patience and composure. You brought your father back to life and then you brought your brothers. You tried your best..." Salim cries more and says: "Because I am the most afraid of all, I felt the dangers first. I could not protect my father. I couldn't.." Sultan tries to calm his son and says: "You can't do anything my son. Babat never needed anyone's protection... but I am sure he sacrificed himself for us.." Then he hugs him and asks Salim to go to the cafe together

Sultan sits on Idris's chair in front of Yamach and Salim. Yamach, who is surprised to see him, frowns a little. Sultan says: "You can't look me in the eye because of your conscience." But know that it wasn't your fault..." Yamach, remembering that night, sinks into himself more and pulls away when Sultan walks towards him. Sultan starts crying and says: "Don't leave me alone for dinner tonight. OK? Yamach walks ahead of him and Salim and Sultan follow him to the house. But when Yamach reaches the front door, his brain whistles and he loses control and leaves without entering the house. In the middle of the night, he goes to the nursing home where Yojel is hospitalized and says in his ear: "I can't look my mother in the eyes because of you." It's all your fault. You destroyed my life...." and leaves. Yujel smiles after he leaves! And Yamach goes to his room in the nursing home and when he sees Nahir lying on his bed, he lies down on his back. They talk a little and in the end, when Nahir realizes that she is not feeling well, he gives her his necklace and says: "Next time, I will tell you what it is."


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