A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 178

Pit 72-3

Afsun arrives home in a disturbed mood and Maqboola asks the reason. Afsun says that he was right about Yamach and explains everything... Just a few hours ago, when Ekin called Afsun and informed him that Yamach was alive, it is accepted that he had heard his words several times. One of his men orders to chase Afsun and attack him by writing a pit symbol on their car and scare Afsun. It is accepted that he smiles with satisfaction when he gets what he wanted.

Fadik goes to a warehouse and angrily asks Azar to gather himself and come home with him. Azar, who cannot say no to his mother, agrees.

According to his appointment with Dahan, Yamach goes to one of his places and gives Shenul to him instead of Jomali while covering his face. Dahan smiles until Yamach removes Shenul's hood and says: "Did you really think I would give you my brother?! Dahan orders his men to take weapons to Yamach. Yamach carelessly blows a loud whistle and calls out to all the pit men who were camouflaged and dressed as workers. The pits are far more numerous than the mouths, forcing him to retreat. Yamach also says: "After this pit, he will not wait in his pit for people like you to talk about him bigger than their mouths!" Then he says: "Either you kiss my hand right here and now and become a part of the pit, or you lose your grave and die." Everything that was yours after this belongs to the pit! After taking over the factory from Dahan, Yamach will give its management to Shenul.

Maleeha goes to visit her uncle and tells him that her cancer has returned. But then he says: "I came here to say something else." Magin, when two people know a secret, it is no longer a secret. Out of those two people, one of them passed away to God's mercy... Idris said that no one should understand this, but I came to tell you..." Uncle asks with surprise and curiosity, what is the matter? Maleeha panics a little and gets up to leave, but before leaving, she turns back and tells him everything in her uncle's ear and leaves.

The lawyer goes to see Salim and tells him that he will definitely get their release by next week. Then Salim goes to the others. The police chief comes to their room with his men and takes a knife and a screwdriver from under the bed of Salim and the others. will find. Salim smiles and says: "It is not clear that you installed it yourself!" »

Sultan keeps asking Ekin to hand over the trusts of the head of the pit to Yamach. Ekin, who finds this difficult, finally goes to the coffee house and delivers them to Yamach. Yamach gathers everyone around him and says in a loud voice: "Everyone should understand that Istanbul is in the pit!" Until they understand, no one will be safe. Only those who know how to be men and stand by us will survive this fight. Are you with me?! Everyone raises their voice and shouts and accepts. Then Yamach asks if anyone has any questions. Akin says: "Don't these words you say harm the pit instead of protecting it?" Yamach stares at Akin and dismisses everyone. Then he says to him: "What are you trying to do?! Akin says: "I just think your decision is wrong." The more we attack them, the more they attack us. The trust entrusted to me is not a knife, a lighter, or a rosary. The pit has been entrusted to me and I have to protect it. You know this much better than me. You don't protect the pit by doing this, you just set it on fire. Yamach says: "You don't know anything." Before all your loved ones are taken away from you one by one and before you fail many times in the fight you make to protect them, you cannot understand me. And then he leaves. Akin goes to Koktai and happily tells him that Yamach gave a big whistle!

Afsun goes to see Azar and tells him that Yamach is alive and this time they must finish Yamach's job without being seen or hurt. But Azar says that he will kill him hand-to-hand with his unarmed hands and doesn't listen to the spell and calls Yamach at the same time and calls him to hand-to-hand combat! Yamach accepts with pleasure.