A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 177

Pit 72-2

An angry person enters the pit with his people. The youths of the neighborhood stop his car and do not allow him to go forward, and when Yamach allows them to enter, the young boy enters the coffee shop and introduces himself as Canaan's son and says: "For the sake of Jomali, my father." His intestines are torn and he is in the hospital! Pray it won't go away! Yamach asks Madd about the matter and then asks the young man what he can do for him. He says: "Give me your case and I will take care of the rest myself." If you don't listen to me, I have ammunition that can destroy your entire neighborhood and you will be buried under the rubble! I will give you time until tomorrow night! Akin asks Yamach to solve the problem himself, but Yamach decides to find Jumali immediately. Akin, who is jealous of her existence, tells his friend that they should inform Azar immediately so that he can think about Yamach's condition. Azar, who has imprisoned himself in one of the warehouses for several days and only trains with his men, does not answer him.

Wartlow, who has worked all day in the prison, goes to get his daily salary, but he realizes that the person in charge does not pay him as much as he should, and Wartlow gets angry and knocks him unconscious and takes away his right!

Afsun has been sitting at home all day bored and Maqboole is worried about him and asks why. Afsun only says that Yamach was going to prove to him that everything is not what he thinks. Maqboola says: "Thank God you died and could not wash your brain more than this!" Afsun impatiently goes back to his room when Akin calls him and informs him that Yamach is alive. Afsun gets ready in a hurry and leaves the house.

Yamach goes to see Jumali and informs him about the threats of Canaan's son and confidently says that he will solve this problem himself.

Fasun calls Yamach, and Yamach excitedly tells him: "It was all your work, wasn't it?" But you see that I am alive! Afsun says that he didn't do anything and Yamach says: "You don't expect me to believe it!" Just when I left your house, I was attacked outside. Afsun only says: "Now that you are alive, keep your promise and tell me everything you know." Tonight. Yamach agrees.

Yamach goes to Shenul and asks him if he knows someone named Kanaan or not. Shenul also says that Morteza Joche Fasgli is his superior! They have a factory to import smuggled weapons from America. Yamach asks him to show him the Canaan factory. Shenul and Yamach go to the factory and observe it well.

Wartlow, who asked Madd to meet him, hugs him when he sees him and then secretly hands him the package of money to deliver to Yamach.

Afsun is waiting for Yamach when some people attack him and shoot his car with guns. Fasun runs away in horror and curses Yamach under his breath and says: "I knew I shouldn't trust you!" When Yamach arrives at their meeting place, he sees Fasun running away and is surprised by his behavior!

According to Wartlow's request and Yamach's order, the youth of the neighborhood give the money that Wartlow sent to the mother and buy things and necessities for her poor house.


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