A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 175

Pit 71-4

Yamach asks Wartlow: "I want to live, I want to breathe, but I can't... what should I do?" " Wartlow talks about his memories of when he was a child and in order to take revenge, he collected money little by little and bought a gun so that he could take revenge on those who mistreated him for years and added: "I always remember that whoever I destroyed my path. I always attacked. Yamach, you always defend. Maybe it's time to change your ways! Maybe this time you should be Vartlu Saadatuddin. And he goes back to his room and realizes that the picture of Idris is not small and he cannot find it. The first person who is worried about him is Amre. Wartlow attacks Amre and angrily asks: “Who are you? From Zia people? Where is my son's photo? Amre swears that he does not know. At the same time, someone from behind the door of their room shows the picture of little Idris to Wartlow and says: "Were you looking for this?" Wartlow goes towards him, but that person pulls the photo back and says: "Come to the workshop at eleven o'clock at night!" »

Yamach steps into the pit where Nahir reaches him from behind. Yamach is shocked to see him. Nahir asks him: "Are you Yamach, the head of the Gudali neighborhood?" That's how long I was able to understand! Now tell me, tell me the dream you had about the child! Yamach doesn't say anything and only asks him how he found him. Nahir understands that Yamach's mental conflict is high and says: "I dance when I want to make an important decision." Come with me. And he takes Yamach to a park and starts dancing in the middle of the park with the music playing in his head. Yamach doesn't pay attention to him at first, but then he notices the music and joins Nahir. In the end, Nahir gives Yamach his number so that they don't lose each other and asks again about Yamach's sleep. But Yamach says he has to go somewhere immediately.

At eleven o'clock, Wartlo goes to the workshop where he had already asked Amre to fill the clay pots with acid, and he encounters several people who attack him. Wartlow breaks the vases containing acid on them one by one and knocks them all to the ground. But at the same time, some other people go towards Wartlow with clubs in their hands and punch and kick him. Amre goes behind the head to help Wartlow, but one of them stabs a knife inside Amre's body. Wartlow immediately goes to Amre, but Amre dies. Wartlow cries in frustration.

Yamach is standing on the roof of the pit and staring at the neighborhood when he suddenly notices three voice messages on his phone and opens them one by one and meets Alicho's voice. In disbelief, she listens to Alicho's voice a few more times to make sure he's alive, and then jumps up and down happily, saying, "There's still hope..."

Akin is walking in the neighborhood bazaar when one of the bazaars shouts: "Bloody pit..." Akin smiles but everyone says in unison: "Yamach Babamone. » Akin sits down and sees Yamach standing behind the fruit counter in the bazaar and people are gathered around him.