A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 174

Pit 71-3

Uncle goes to the prison doctor for examination and finally tells him that lately he sometimes forgets some things. The doctor does not give him a definite answer and says that he is currently prescribing vitamins for him, maybe there has been a change in his condition.

Yamach goes to the prison to meet Salim and the others. Everyone happily goes to the meeting room to see him. Yamach treats them coldly and after making sure that they are all fine, he asks the others to leave him alone with Salim. He sits in front of Salim and Salim asks him if he has caught anything new or not. Yamach only mentions the names of Azar, Tamsah, Yohl and Afsun. In the dreams of Yamach, Salim asks him: "Why did my father fight Yamach?! Yamach takes a while to come to his senses and then asks: "Who bothers you in prison?" Salim says: "They attack us every day. Especially since my brother left us alone, the manager doesn't bother us anymore. Then he asks: "Did you go to Chokur?" Yamach doesn't answer and just says: "I went to my uncle... Really, you saved me that time when he hit me on the football field?" Salim says: "How is it?" Yamach remains silent and then asks: "Why did Jomali and Wartlo fight?" Salim also explains that when Jumali asked Wartlo for help to escape, Wartlo betrayed him to the director and now he has been transferred to another prison. Then he asks: "Why didn't you go to the pit?" " Yamach says: "You understand, none of us can look each other in the eye. How can I go there and look in the eyes of all those people? Salim says: "Yamach, you should go back." Akin can't handle things. Yamach tells a memory from their childhood: "You were always the one who stood up, Salim." Go now and take care of your brother. Do not leave them alone. A little later, they both remember that if Idris had been there, he would have beaten Salim, and their laughter turns to tears...

Junaid allows Alicho to go downstairs and leaves him alone. When Alicho notices the phone on the table, he goes to it and dials Yamach's number. But Yamach is not available. Alicho also leaves a message for him in code.

Jumali goes to the cabaret and tells one of his acquaintances named Nader to find Morteza for him as soon as possible.

Wartlow is sitting in the room when Emre comes to him. Wartlow thanks him for his help. Emre shows him his pit tattoo and says that he can always count on his help. Wartlow then asks how he can meet Zia. Amre says that he can hardly find Zia because they are very close to the prison chief! At the same time, an envelope arrives in Wartlow's hand, which is from Saadat and has sent him a photo of Idris. Wartlow stares lovingly at his son's picture. An hour later, the guard tells Wartlow that he has a meeting. "I don't want to see my date," says Wartlow. But when the guard tells him that there is a meeting with Yamach, Wartlow, with Saadatuddin's look and appearance, goes to the meeting room. Both of them stare at each other sad and sad for a while, and then Yamach asks him: "Do you feel alone in this world and you have no one?" Wartlow tells him the story of the mermaid and then says: "Mecca spoke well." He used to say that the pit is the sea and we are like the sea. I returned to the sea of Yamach. Find your sea too. »


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