A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 173

Pit 71-2

The lawyer comes to Ekin's room to see him and says that he can't keep the little ones in prison any longer and they need to think faster. Akin says that if he can keep them there for another week, everything will be solved and then he leaves it to him to find a trace of Jumali as soon as possible. At the same time, Ayesha comes to Akin and tells Akin that Jumali also visited the pavilion from where she heard the women of the cabaret talking to Damla in the neighborhood kitchen. Akin smiles and goes to the cabaret with his friend that night.

Afsun is not in a good mood and says to Maqbole: "Yamach came to me and told me that he did not kill my father. What if he is really telling the truth? " Maqboola thinks a little regretfully and then says: "I knew I shouldn't leave this work to you. I had forgotten how smooth and simple you are! Just like your father. »

Wartlow enters his new room in the new prison and someone named Emre is happy to see him in the room and says: "Brother, you have finally come. I had conveyed the news to Sultan's mother. Wartlow sits on his bed without paying attention to him.

Finally, after a few days, Yamach regains consciousness and Jomali tells him that he also does not know how and where Yamach was found injured in front of his house. When Yamach realizes that he has been there unconscious for a few days, he remembers that he has to kill the charm and that he has a half-finished job. Jomali reminds Yamach that he was supposed to find a person named Morteza as soon as possible... A little later, Jomali asks Yamach to return to the neighborhood and take over the protection of the house and the neighborhood because his condition is known. And he cannot easily continue his life in the neighborhood and escaped from prison just to take revenge on Idris. "I couldn't save my wife," says Yamach with a sad undertone. I could not even save Akshin and Alichor. I could not save my father and you want me to go back to the neighborhood? And he has a nervous attack. Jumali shouts at him: "Yamach, you can't run away!" You have to protect your family, do you understand? » Yamach attacks Jomali and squeezes his throat until the wound opens due to his physical weakness and he falls to the ground. Jumali goes to him who is lying on the ground worriedly.

Junaid tells Alicho's father that it is better to find another way to get close to Alicho, and if his method of talking doesn't work, they can act according to the boss's wishes. When Junaid gets the approval, he goes to Alicho and kindly asks him to go to the yard and walk together. Alicho is a little scared but Junaid assures him that nothing will happen.

Wartlow's room is empty, and at the last moment Amre very quietly tells him that if he has something urgent, he can go to the bathroom. A little later, five people attack Wartlow with knives. Wartlow stops them and immediately enters the bathroom, and after finding a knife, he wounds them all and sits between them safely and drinks tea!


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