A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 172

Pit 71-1

Just as Akin, along with the crocodile and the others, are shooting at Yamach's crashed car, someone pulls the unconscious Yamach out before the car explodes and leaves in front of Jumali's house. When Jumali sees Yamach in a very serious condition, he worriedly takes him to a veterinarian who is an acquaintance of Idris. Seeing Jomali, Uncle Veterinarian immediately recognizes him and is happy. Jomali worriedly asks him to take care of Yamach immediately, but Uncle Veterinarian carelessly asks about Idris and Pasha while doing his job. Jumali gets confused by this question and says that his father is dead and Batar is surprised. Jumali no longer answers Batar's questions and only asks him to remove the danger from Yamach's ears.

Azar and Tamsah inform Afsun of Yamach's death. Afsun thinks sadly and stays silent for a while and thinks about last night when Yamach was at his house... Yamach had told him greedily: "The woman I loved died in front of my eyes and I couldn't do anything." Let's do it... Akshin, who had never touched alcohol in his life, died of drug overdose. Alicho could not even look people in the eye, but he loved to read books. Burn it with the same books. Was this my work?! Azar, Tamsah and Yujal must be punished for their actions. But I don't know you... It's like you didn't do this and were unaware..! Afsun only says: "It was you who killed my father!" Yamach says: "I did not kill your father." If you are sure that I killed your father, give me peace! But you don't do this because you are not sure! "... Azar is shocked that Afsun did not react to his words and asks why. Afsun says with a straight face: "Don't call me until you have important news for me!" And he goes. Then Akin comes there. Azar tells him: "We killed Yamacho, but the others are still alive. Are you not going to interfere? I will count the others one by one! Akin says: "Do whatever you want." Not for me either. Just don't do anything to my dad. »

Salim is singing in the prison yard with Metin and Jalason. After he finishes singing, some people attack them and beat them, but the policemen stop them. On the other hand, Kamal, Mecca and Uncle are inside their rooms when several people attack them and Kamal and Mecca protect Uncle but they are also beaten until finally the police arrive and separate them. they do.

Cabaret women go to the neighborhood kitchen and tell Damla that although Jomali asked them not to tell Damla, she escaped from prison and came to the pavilion. Damla is upset that Jomali went to the pavilion directly after her escape.

Jumali asks Batar about being a vet. Batar says that he was originally a surgeon, but once he left Pence in the body of a patient and the patient's family tried to kill him. The uncle has put it on him!


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