A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 169

Pit 70-3

Nader takes Jumali in front of the public bathroom and says that Kanan is inside. Jumali enters there and removes Kanaan's bodyguards from the way and then goes towards Kanaan who is dancing and happy among the girls and first kicks the girls out of the bathroom and then points towards Kanaan. Canaan begs him not to take his life. Jumali asks who is the one giving him orders? Kanaan says Morteza Joche Faskali! And Jumali is surprised to hear his name and even smiles. After that, he gives up on killing Kanan, but he puts the buffalo horn that he had prepared in advance into his body!

Akin is hiding in the place he arranged with the Russians and is waiting for Azar's arrival. Azar and his men arrive from behind and all of Victor's men kill him. Then Azar calls Ekin and says that now it's Yamach's turn! Akin promises to bring Yamach to him.

Akin is in his room when someone throws a grenade in his room. Akin is afraid and takes shelter, but then when he sees that there is no explosion, he takes the grenade and takes out the paper on it and goes to the address written on it. Yamach is cooking sausages in the armory. Akin asks her to be careful and put out the fire as they might explode. Yamach continues his work nonchalantly and then thanks Akin for his detailed information. Akin asks him: "Azer is alive and you didn't kill Fasun and Yujel either." As far as I know, you killed the crocodile. Why? Yamach answers: "No one is important to the crocodile except himself in this world." But they have other people who are alive because of them. That's why they had to suffer the pain that I suffered. Now there is only one of them, charm! »

Afson visits Yujel, who is lying motionless on the hospital bed, and talks about the past and reminds that Yujel and Baikal planned together to topple the pit. At that time, Yujel had a good knowledge of Gudal and drew the plans and Baikal paid the cost of the fight... At night, when Fasun walks in his house, Yamach holds a gun to his head from behind and asks : "Why didn't you kill me? Afsun says: "Why didn't you kill me yourself?" And then he pulls out a small gun from the side of his skirt and points it at Yamach. Yamach asks: "What were you talking about when I slept that night?" Afsun says: "One of the stories my mom used to tell me." What did you see in your dream? There was a big smile on your face, but tears are coming from your eyes..." Yamach lowers his gun and says: "A beautiful dream..." and sits in front of him and stares at him...

Yamach comes out of the enchanted house. Akin watches him and orders his men to follow him. They surround Yamach's car from both sides, and then Yamach loses control and enters a ditch, hits a tree and falls unconscious. Akin and his men and the crocodile, who was wearing a life jacket when Yamach attacked, get a little closer to his car, and Akin orders them to shoot his car with a gun, and then makes a video call to Azar and shows him this scene. Suddenly Yamach's car explodes in front of everyone's eyes and catches fire.


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