A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 167

Pit 70-2

Wartlow is impatiently waiting for the warden of Armutli prison. When the boss sees him, he tells him to take the eye poison: "People like you, their names get here before themselves!" First of all, I have to sand it well! Then he orders his men to beat him well. Wartlow does not hesitate and insults him rudely. The boss again orders him to be beaten and then gives him a special outfit to wear so that he can be recognized from the rest of the prison and somehow it becomes clear that he is on the way. Wartlow doesn't accept and the boss immediately throws him into the mortuary of the prison to be polite!

The old black sheep like Avni and Alpern attack people in the streets by secret order, they kill them and steal their money. Akin finds Ramsey and asks him to work for him. Ramsay says that he will only agree to work for his mother if he can enter the pit again so that his mother will forgive him.

Yamach is investigating who he should take revenge on. He sees the photo of the charm and remembers that he is the one who treated his wound and told him a story. He throws the enchanted picture into the fire and watches it burn.

Akin, who has a plan in his head, asks Kotai to beat and bruise him as much as he can. At night, he goes to the door of Karaja's room feeling oppressed, and Karaja, seeing the wounds on his face, asks worriedly what is going on. "I told you not to get involved in things like this," Akin says with fake anger. I said that I am out there, I will put my life in the middle..." Karaja cries and hugs him.

Jumali goes to the address sent by Nader to take revenge on Kanaan, but he meets the police officers there and then angrily tries to find Nader again! With the help of cabaret girls, he finds Nader and threatens him that he should find Kanaan's place for him. Nader, who is scared, accepts. Later, Jumali asks the girls about Yildiz and they say that Yildiz is married and doing well. Jumali thinks and smiles faintly.

Alicho is walking in the streets of Godal at night when Yamach passes by, but without seeing him, Nejdet and Alicho's father put him in a car and take him with them!

Wartlow is tired of staying in the morgue and decides to do something. He finds some cartons and lights a fire with the spark of electric wires and makes a barbecue for himself from the meat in the cold room! The police chief and his men beg him to open the door so that he doesn't harm them more, but Wartlow makes a bet for them and says: "First, I won't wear that head." Second, bring me the help! They also immediately accept.

Akin goes to see Azar and shows him his scarred head and face and says that it is the work of the Russians and they should take their revenge on them. Azar, who is not in his mood, does not pay attention to him, but then tells Akin to find Yamach for him anyway!

Azar, his family and his mother are in the yard when a car passes in front of their house and hits them. Azar understands that this work must be the work of the Russians and asks Ekin to find their location for him. Akin smiles and says congratulations to Ramsey who attacked Azar's house on his behalf and pretended to be from the Russians and tricked him!

Madd visits Wartlow. Wartlow tells him to tell Saadat that he has been transferred to this prison, but not to visit him at all, and then he says that he does not trust Akin at all, and finally says: "Forty trays of Burke from the one we gave to the Bashiros, every time I I said bring it to me! Madad obeys. After this meeting, the warden puts Wartlow in dark solitary confinement.


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