A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 164

Pit 69-3

Azar goes to see his sister Sihan on her wedding night and wishes her happiness. Sehan shyly asks him to excuse his fiancé from working with him and take the gun from him. Azar accepts cheerfully and says that whatever he wants will be what he wants and smiles at his sister.

Wartlow goes to the head of the prison and says that according to the agreement they made, he exposed Jomali and now they have to transfer him to Artemoli prison. The head of the prison agrees to send him there tomorrow.

Karaja and Damla stare at Saadat with hostility and say that no one but them knew about the matter and one of those three must have informed Akin and they exposed the other two! Saadat, who understands what they mean, says: "You mean me?" I'm really sorry! I was afraid that something would happen to you, otherwise why should I help Akin! Karaja tries to calm the atmosphere. Damla also tells Karaja to leave Duigo to follow Kutai and find out the location of the new warehouse. That night, Saadat notices Ayesha's beautiful and expensive necklace, and Ayesha happily says that Ekin bought it for her. Saadat realizes that Ayesha must have somehow understood everything and told Ekin. He goes to Akin and says that in order to protect Damla and Karaja, he has to control them so that they don't go anywhere at night and do something wrong.

Jomali is in solitary confinement, and after staying there for a long time, he suddenly starts banging his head like crazy on the iron door until he faints. The guards notice him and take him to the prison clinic. When Jomali regains consciousness, he threatens the policeman who is watching over him, and then he asks the policeman, who is scared, to bring him some tea! They arrive at the hospital with the plan that Jumali pours tea on his face and then Jumali leaves the hospital wearing a doctor's uniform in front of the other policemen.

On the other hand, Wartlow is dressed in a smart suit to be taken to prison. Salim sees him from the window of his room and thinks that he exposed Jomali to be freed and stares at him in disbelief and asks: "Why?" Wartlow looks at him and says: "I did whatever was necessary!" And he goes. Ahead, Kamal spits on him when he sees him, and Wartlow, although he is angry, does not say anything. He finally reaches Armutli jail and smiles when he sees it there.

The girls and Ekin are at the breakfast table. When Damla wants to go out, Akin doesn't give her permission and wants to accompany Damla on the pretext that Gudal is now unsafe, but Damla regrets leaving. A little later, Saadat gets permission to go to Hanabandani with the girls. Damla, Karaja, Ayesha and Saadat go to Hanabandan with Ojuit and Salem. Seeing her friends, Ayesha goes forward to dance with them. Saadat sees the opportunity and takes Damla and Karaja to the top of the roof. Duigo and the rest of the girls are waiting for them. Damla and Karaja are happy with this good fortune. With the help of the other girls, they find Akin's warehouse and enter the warehouse by removing the guards.

It's Azar's sister's wedding night and everyone is happy. Azar hears that Sihan is crying and when he approaches his sister, she says that her brother Yilmaz and his fiancee have not been heard from for a long time and that they have disappeared. Azar looks for them worriedly, and they inform him that they saw them by the lake with their hands and feet tied. When Azar approaches, the phone that Yamach had already placed there plays his voice saying: "You have to choose between your son-in-law and your brother, otherwise they will both die in twenty seconds!" and activates the bomb. It is difficult for Azar to choose, and he turns his back on both of them when his sister's fiance tells him in tears: "Be careful of Sihan..." Azar shoots him without hesitation. Sihan sees this scene and goes to Azar and says in tears why he killed the one he loved... Azar passes by him without saying a word and sadly. Sihan says: "How should I live..." and shoots himself with the gun that was lying on the ground and falls on the ground. Azar and the rest of his siblings gather over Sihan's head crying painfully. Yamach, who was moved by this scene, remembers the way he lost Idris, and continues on his way more determined than before.

Akin and Kotay arrive at their meeting with the customer and deliver the goods to them. As they continue on their way happy with the deal, suddenly their foreign client walks up to them with his men and then hands him one of Ekin's statues. Ekin empties the statue and realizes that instead of material, it is filled with small colored balls and becomes nervous.


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