A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 161

Pit 68-4

Jomali and Salim are called for an appointment. Seeing Salim after a long time, Jumali hugs him tightly and then both go to the meeting room and meet Ekin. Jumali hugs Akin, but Salim doesn't show his favor when he goes to his father. Akin sits in front of them and says that he will get a lawyer for them so that they can be released next week, but Jomali's situation is a little different because he is a fugitive and it is difficult for them to release him. Jumali angrily tells him: "You have to free me anyway." I can't stay here when my dad's killer is out there! And he gets up and leaves. Akin pauses a little and then turns to his father: "I'm sorry for what I said that time, dad. I know you are angry with me. Call it childishness and ignorance, but forgive me. He starts crying and continues: "If it wasn't for you, I'd be eating wedges every day." I thought I could do it, but I was wrong... When I was alone, I realized what it feels like to have a warm back to your father and your family. "Salim, who has been silent the whole time, says: "Now that you have not succeeded, you should listen to me. Until we come from here, you won't leave the neighborhood and you won't do anything. Akin agrees and then leaves the prison.

Ayesha is the only one who is behind Akin and pays attention to him and brings him news. Ekin tells him to watch Karaja so that he doesn't go to the market because the market was attacked today and Karaja was there too. Ayesha says that the market and selling fruit is the only legacy of Idris, but with this situation, they have no choice but to stop Karaja.

The sultan, who noticed Saadat's condition, asked him about Vartlo. Saadat hides everything and says that Saleh is around and even visits him sometimes.

Akin goes home at night when he sees Yamach among the trees and stops. Yamach asks him to give him the name of everyone who cooperates with Yujel. Akin says to give him time to deliver the names to him tomorrow. Ekin goes to see Azar in the morning and says: "I want to repeat the rules I told you. I mean, I'm the boss and you can't enter the pit! Azar does not accept and Ekin smiles and leaves immediately. He goes to Yamach and gives him the names of the crocodiles, azers, and charms that work with Yujel, and then when Kotai asks him why, Akin says, "What if they destroy Yamach?" They are for my benefit! »

Yojel is sleeping in his house with his family when Yamach enters his house at night and hugs his young child without Yojel or his wife knowing anything. In the morning, without harming the children, Yamach lurks around the house and watches them.

Karaja shows Damla one of the clay figurines from the workshop Ekin founded. Damla opens the inside of the statue and they understand that it is supposed to be a place for something.

Sultan goes to see Madd so that they can meet Saleh together. Saleh has not accepted visits or seen anyone for months. Sultan tells the guard to ask Wartlow to come this time. A little later, Wartlow sits in front of the Sultan and does not say a word. Sultan says: "I heard that you are careless and you don't want to come back." Saadat did not send me. I read your letter. Four days ago, I received a news that someone in Alamut Lo prison proudly said that I killed Idris Kochvali and his master was imprisoned... Wartlu Saadatuddin took my son from me, he owes me a life. You have to pay back that debt. Go take our revenge on the one who killed your father! »

Yujal wakes up at night and sees that there is no trace of his wife and child. He finds the address of the place that Yamach left for him and goes there with concern. There are two cars filled with gasoline somewhere. The voice of Yujel's wife is heard crying and begging Yujel to save her. Yujal remembers the trick he played on Yamach when Alicho died and he doesn't go to the first car and when he reaches the second car and doesn't see anyone inside, the first car explodes and Yujal screams in terror and cries A little later he is shocked and laughs out loud. Yujel, who can't even speak or react anymore, is taken to the mental asylum, and Yamach sits in front of him and puts a small Idris rosary in his hand and leaves.

Yamach goes to Yojel's house and apologizes to his wife and child who are safe and sound. Yojel's wife apologizes to him and says that she did not know that she was living with such a monster...


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