A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 160

Pit 68-3

When the hospital doctor notices Yamach's interest in music, he brings him an electric guitar and shows him the theater. After a long time, Yamach shows his first natural reactions and enjoys music. Three months later, he is playing with other mental patients and behaving like them. But when he goes to the doctor's room, it turns out that he is slowly getting better and now he has no other problems except severe headaches. The doctor orders Yamach's release and asks him where he will go and what he will do after the hospital. Yamach says: "I will not return to the pit again. I start a new life. When Yamach returns to his room to rest for the last night in the sanatorium, he encounters a girl named Nahir who is shouting and throwing Yamach's belongings out of the room. "This is not your room," says Nahir. my room I always sleep here. The guard gives the right to Yamach and Nahir goes to another room. But that night, when Yamach is sleeping, Nahir comes to Yamach's room, where he was bedridden before, and sleeps next to Yamach with his back to him. Yamach notices his presence and Nahir says: "I just fall asleep here..." They talk together for a while and then they both fall asleep. When Yamach wakes up, he does not find Nahir. When he leaves the asylum, he throws the guitar with which he was supposed to start a new life into the trash.

Akin goes to the sculpture workshop he has just established in the pit. The women workers of the calculation workshop thank him for this entrepreneurship. Karaja's friend is also working in the same workshop and to get rid of Ekin's work.

When the people of Godal see Ekin in the back alleys, they greet and respect him. Akin goes to the fruit market and sees Karaja selling fruit at Idris' table. "I'm doing what you have to do," Karaja tells Ekin. Don't think that because people kiss your hand, you are like my uncles and dad. Akin replied: "I am shot every day to take care of you." Where do you think this comfort in the pit comes from?! Because of my work! At that moment, there is a shooting sound in the fruit market. People are afraid and Akin goes against them with the help of some armed youths of the neighborhood. Then he goes to Azar with his friend. It turns out that this was a fake attack by Azar and according to a previous agreement. So that Ekin can show himself in the neighborhood. Akin opens a bag and takes out clay figurines. He opens the statues and shows the drug dealer to Azar. Azar likes this idea and says to Ekin: "Now you have become the partner I wanted. » In one of the basements of the pit, the statues are filled with drugs under the supervision of Ekin's friend.

In prison, Azar people constantly attack the small villages with the intention of killing. They survive and when they are all hanging out in separate prison yards, Jumali starts singing a familiar song. Everyone sings his voice and remembers Idris.


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