A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 156

Pit 67-3

At night, when Idris returns home with the others, Ajuit asks them where Sultan and the others are. Idris is surprised and angrily asks what does it mean? Ejwit says that no one has ever set foot inside the house. Everyone anxiously gets into the cars to find a trace of them. In the morning, a black balloon can be seen in the middle of the neighborhood. Wartlow fires at it as black envelopes spill out onto the floor. Yamach says that it is not possible for Yujel to be alive, but he is scared. The names of each of the children, uncle and Jalason are written on the envelopes, and the private address is also inside. Each one goes to the desired address. Wartlo, Jalason and Makkah, Amo along with Kamal and Mateen, Salim and Jomali arrive at a common place where there are dead bodies lying in the middle of the road. They are surprised to see each other and at the same time the police arrive and arrest them all.

Yamach and Idris go to the desired address. Yamach finds a black envelope on the grave of Yujel's father's writer, and inside it he sees a photo of Yujel's childhood in his father's arms. Idris also sees the same envelope and photo on Yujel's new grave. Then they both go to another address that was in their envelope and reach a warehouse. Idris enters the warehouse through the front door and Yamach through the back door, and on its walls, they see monitors with videos of small women. They both walk forward with fear and worry until they reach a room from both sides and are surprised to see each other. Yujel's voice is heard saying: "You should have killed me in front of your eyes when you had the chance." You should have made sure of my death! Then he says: "How much does your family like Kochvali?" I am the little one who survives! Yamach shoots at his CCTV camera and asks his father to leave. At the same time, it is shown on the monitors that a gun is taken on each of the women. Idris shouts: "What do you want?! Yujel says: "I want your Ekitono." Two little ones entered here, one of them is leaving! Choose yourself! Idris immediately points the gun at his head, Yamach asks him to wait, and Yujel says decisively: "Don't do this at all!" I don't want you to kill yourself, Idris Kochvali! I want to kill your son! Or vice versa! there is no difference for me. Yamach, who is scared, tells his father never to do such a thing again, because he will finally solve this case, no matter what. Yujel shows him the video of the Yamach brothers being caught and says: "What solution do you have?" All your brothers were arrested! Yamach and Idris stare at each other with helplessness. Yujel asks them to make their decision quickly and then gives them four minutes! Idris remembers the words of the Sultan who told him that if the time comes, he should sacrifice himself for the sake of his children. Idris says to Yamach: "Son, if we are in this situation, it's my fault... Be quick, son..." Then he opens his hands and asks Yamach to shoot. Yamach cries and asks his father to stop. Idris says angrily: "My son, I have lived my life. You have to live and take care of Godal and our family..." Yamach cries and says: "Dad, I can't do this, I can't..." Idris says that he has to do this for his family and insists He wants to do it... Yamach doesn't know what to do. Idris stares at their lost time and then points the gun at Yamach and shoots behind him saying, "Take your gun up. hurry up. I protect my family or shoot or die! "Yamach cried out, father... and then he pointed the gun at Idris with fear... Five seconds were left when they finally heard a gunshot...

A few days later, people gather at the coffee house to kiss Akin's hand. Then the little women reluctantly kiss his hand one by one. Akin is sitting in Idris's room and remembers with an insidious smile that he told Salim in the same mortuary that he wants to be the head of the family and that he should support him! He continues: "I'm smarter than Yamach, more mysterious than you, more crazy than Jumali... When Sena, Akshin and Hero died you couldn't protect them!" A stranger came and took the pit! You could do no wrong! You cannot manage the pit. This is certain! Let's agree on this! Salim slaps him hard and says: "Who are you to eat these wedges?!" Akin... I'll kill you! Don't say these words anymore! I will kill you and I do not hesitate at all! you got it? "... Akin's smile deepens and he remembers that he was the one who saved Yojel from that fire in exchange for giving him the pit and said: "I will give you all the small things, and that revenge Will you take the one you couldn't take? But let me say one more thing... Akshin was my sister, you shouldn't have killed her! "Then he cut off one of his hands with an ax... Akshin brings him coffee and spits in the coffee and says: "I know what you did! But no one believes me... but this is without.... we are here. And then he shows her the tattoo symbol of his pit, and when he leaves the room, he smiles at Saadat and Damla, and they also nod and confirm him.

Elsewhere in Istanbul, in a large and elegant house, Aliçu is wearing a suit when someone comes up to him and asks if he needs anything. Alicho says when will he return to his house? The man says: "You are here from now on." This is your home. After he leaves, Alicho says to himself: "Wherever the family is, home is there... they all return to the pit..." and makes a sign of the pit with bread crumbs and smiles at it.


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