A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 155

Pit 67-3

When the men go home, the guard at the door wonders why Sultan and the others are not with them. Idris and the others get out of the car with worry and fear and stare at each other. Then they immediately get into their cars and go after them. Then they see a black balloon floating in the air in the middle of the neighborhood. Wartlow shoots at the balloon and envelopes fall out of the balloon with the names of all four brothers and Idris written on them and different addresses inside the envelopes. The boys and Idris quickly get into the car and start their journey. When everyone reaches their desired address, they all meet in the middle of the forest. Just then, the police arrive and arrest them all. But the address written for Yamach and Idris is different. Yamach finds another envelope on the grave of Adib Tansoy, and Idris finds an envelope on the new grave of Yujel Tanson. When Yamach and Idris open the desired envelope, they see a photo of Adib next to his little son Yujel. An address is written on the back of the photo, and Idris and Yamach quickly go to that address separately, and when they reach the desired place, each of them sees a monitor on the door with a picture of the sultan with his hands tied and confused. . When they open the door, they enter a room where there are different monitors on each side, on which the image of each female member of the family stands out. Finally, Idris and Yamach meet each other from both sides of the room and are locked in there... A little later, Yujel's voice is heard in the space saying: Welcome, little ones! You should have killed me. You should have been sure of my death... I ask the little one who is alive... Which one of you loves your family more? Father or son? Yamach shoots towards where the sound is coming from and tells his father to leave. But again Yujel's voice is heard saying: Don't do this at all! And then on the monitors, guns are pointed at the women of the family. Yamach and Idris stop moving and Yujel continues: Don't shoot me in the eye anymore! Otherwise, you will lose another member of your family. Idris angrily asks him what he wants, and Yujel says: "I want yours." Two little ones came here. A little one is going out of here. Choose yourself! Idris accepts and immediately holds the gun to his head, and Yojel says: "Don't do this at all!" I don't want you to kill yourself, Idris. I want to kill your son! Or vice versa! Yamach asks his father not to do anything and he will solve everything himself. Yujel shows him a picture of Yamach's brothers being arrested and says: How do you want to solve it? All your brothers were arrested. Be quick to finish the work. Then he gives them four minutes... Yamach does not believe these things and tries to do something so that they can escape from there, but Idris remembers the words of the Sultan who said: Your children, your grandchildren Because of you, to pay for your mistakes and lose their lives... you have to solve this problem yourself. It is necessary to sacrifice your life for your family... Idris angrily says to Yamach: "My son, if we are in this situation now, it is my fault... Hurry up... I have lived enough, now it is your turn to get out of the pit." And take care of our family..." and opens his hands. Yamach cries and says that he will not do it, and Yamach says: "Do it for your family, my son..." Then he looks at the time and says: "There is no time left, my son... hurry up." . Then he shoots at the top of Yamach's head and shouts, "Hurry up, raise your gun!" Yamach cries pitifully and Idris says: "Either shoot or die my son... I will protect my family... Be quick..." Yamach takes the gun to Idris with trembling hands and cries Idris sings his poem and only ten seconds are left when both of them point their guns at each other and the sound of shooting is heard...

When Akin saw his father in prison, he told him: "I manage the pit... You were the hero of the man before him and you couldn't shoot and save him." Sena died, Yamach couldn't do anything for him. Akshin died and none of you could save him... You can't manage the pit. This is certain. Salim asks him not to indulge in such nonsense, otherwise he will kill him himself. But now, in the absence of the others, Akin has taken over the management of the house, and the people of the neighborhood come to kiss him one by one... The person who saves Yojel from the fire is also Akin, and he offers him that in exchange for saving him take power together and says: "I will give you all the little things... I will be the boss of the pit." You will take the revenge that you could not take. Yujel agrees.

Karaja tattooed the neighborhood on her wrist and joined a group of pit girls who secretly defend the neighborhood.

Alicho is eating breakfast in a luxurious house with stylish clothes. Alicho asks one of the guards when he is going to his house. And the guard says: "Your house is here." But Alicho marks a hole on the table with pieces of bread and stares at it.


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