A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 152

Pit 67-2

When Azar explains everything Yamach said to Yujal. Yujal Kalafe puts a hand on his face and asks Azar to give him a chance until tomorrow, if he can't solve something, he will do it himself. Azar also accepts. At the same time, Ramzi's mother calls him and asks him to come home with concern. When Ramzi gets home, his mother slaps him hard and says: "Did you do all this to make bread?" We had bread!... Yamach greeted you. And he gives him a box and says: "He said that you should deliver this to the place where it is needed!" Ramzi delivers the box to Yujal, and when Yujal opens the small ring box, he faces Pistonki and stares at a point with anger. That night, Ramzi leaves the house in a car, and Kamal and Mateen follow it, pretending that Yujal is also in the car. A little later, Yujal leaves the house at night and gets into a car collecting cartons and hides between the cartons and goes somewhere with them. Then he gets into a taxi whose driver is a pit bull, and Yujel doesn't know this. Then he walks along a path and the youths of Godal follow him until Yujel reaches a place and sees Yamach standing on a car holding a child and staring at him with a smile. Yujel goes to the car worriedly, but the car carrying Yamach moves and Yujel hastily stops a car at gunpoint and follows Yamach until they reach an abandoned house. The house is plunged into darkness and suddenly Yujel's foot gets stuck in a bear trap and he writhes in pain and screams. Yamach turns on the lights and says: "What you are suffering is physical pain..." Then he points the gun at the child in his arms and shoots, and Yujel screams and Yamach says: "This is misery..." Then he loosens the blanket in his hand and throws the doll inside in front of Yojel. He shackles Yojel and then pours gasoline on him and lights the lighter while leaving and sets the house on fire. Then he sits there until the morning and watches the burning of the house, and then he goes to the cemetery and sits on top of Sena's grave with great sadness.

Small boys along with many young people attack the place where Azar and Tamsah are and surprise them. Azar retreats and finally throws a bomb at Wartlow and Salim, who are forced to retreat. Jomali and Yamach also follow the crocodile, but Jomali hits a car on the way and falls on the ground and his body is slightly bruised... After these incidents, the Kochvalis, Jalason, and Mecca gather together and celebrate They take a small Damla goes to Jalason and gives him Akshin's necklace. Jalason cries and hugs him. Then Idris starts singing and everyone enjoys being together. At the end of the night, Sultan asks the girls to return home. The men stay in the garden and Idris announces that he wants to retire and leave the work to his sons. Salim protested and said: "Baba, the whole of Istanbul is our enemy. Are you sure you want to retire?" Idris says: "Everything has changed a lot and your world is young." I only tell you one thing to be an executioner in front of the coward. Let all of Istanbul know Gudal and know who he is on... »


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