A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 151

Pit 67-2

Yamach tells them: "Well, who manages the pit?" The crocodile answers: "Don't worry." We decided among ourselves that we will divide it into several parts very fairly. Jomali loses control and Yamach asks him to calm down. Yamach says: "This can be a good opportunity for all of us, no one will die... It's a very good idea.. Now if we leave Istanbul, the Haft Jed and Abad universe will serve us!" Then he starts singing and four people start dancing and leave!

Azar goes to see Yujal and tells him everything Yamach said. Just then, Ramzi's phone rings and his mother calls him in a worried voice. Ramzi immediately reaches home and his mother looks at him angrily and slaps him and says: "Did you do this for a piece of bread?" Then he gives him a small box and says: "Yamach greeted him and said to take this to the right person." Ramzi returns to Yujel's safe house and hands him the box. When Yujel opens the box, he sees a pacifier in it and gets worried. Then he gets ready and goes out trying not to be seen until he reaches his home. But Kamal and Mateen keep an eye on him and follow him. When Yujel reaches a place, he sees Yamach holding a child in his arms and smiling at him. Yamach gets into the car and leaves, and Yujel takes someone's car from him at gunpoint and follows Yamach until they reach an abandoned house. The house is dark and suddenly Yojel's foot gets stuck in a bear trap and he screams. Yamach turns on the lights and says: "What you are suffering is physical pain..." Then he points his gun at the child in his arms and says: "This is the pain of poor Gie! And he doesn't pay attention to Yujal's pleas and pulls the trigger. Yujel cries from the bottom of his heart and Yamach throws the doll that was in his arms all the time on the ground. Then he shackled Yojel's hands and told him: "You should not touch my family!" Yamach says: "I can't by nature." I am not you Then he puts bottles full of gasoline around him and lights the lighter and leaves. The house goes up in flames and Yamach watches it burn until morning. Then he goes to the graves of Sena, Akshin and Alicho and cries with great sadness...

Yamach, together with all the youths of Godal and his brothers, gather to attack the place where Azar, Tamsah and the others are, and Nagafel attacks them with guns. A big fight breaks out and the crocodile runs away and Yamach and Jumali follow him. Saleh is also looking for Azar to settle his account. Azar hides somewhere and throws grenades at them. Saleh and Salim take refuge behind the wall and finally retreat. The crocodile reaches the street and clings to the moving truck and runs away.

Jalason and Makkah are discharged from the hospital and then at night, the whole family gathers together in the yard. Damla gives Akshin's necklace that she had left to Jalason, and Jalason cries and hugs Damla. Then they join the family. A little later, Sultan takes the girls with him and the men stay, and Idris tells them that he wants to retire and leave the work to his sons.