A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 15

Pit 18

Tomorrow morning, Addres asks Yamach to bring him to him first if they find the traitor. He says: "Some of these people have been with me since they were children. They call me daddy more than you. If you want to catch them, you have to do it while doing the work. You need to come with a solid proof. Otherwise, you don't understand at all?" " And he continues: "Tell Mete that he won't listen to fortunetellers from now on." Yamach answers: "You also tell Jesus not to give a weapon to anyone without my knowledge." Yamach is angry that despite all these expectations, he still does not have complete authority in decisions, and it seems that Idris still does not fully trust him.

At Sena's house, who is upset about Akshin's crying last night, he invites Karaja to his room and threatens him that if he does such a thing to Akshin again, he will cut his hair.

Alicho, who has been waiting for Yamach since last night, can finally talk to him in the morning. Alicho tells him that he is the one who was looking for him

And found him and he is Jesus. Yamach goes to the warehouse and checks the drugs planted in the car to make sure.

Yamach observes Jesus from a distance and keeps repeating to himself: "Why, son, why?" He wants them to have made a mistake and that Jesus is not a traitor. He takes Jesus to the barn through Mecca.

Whenever he gets a chance, Wartlow patrols the neighborhood and tries to draw the residents to his side. He enters a coffee shop with Madd, but no one answers his greetings and ignores him. Wartlow, who always chooses the easiest ways to impress others, orders Madd to prepare bread and baklava for everyone and invites those present to treat themselves. But this simple method works and a lot of people gather around them and Wartlow opens up. He asks: "Has anyone ever asked you how you are in Kochvali? Everything aside? Don't these people miss you?" Then he talks about the circumcision of the children in the neighborhood and the shortcoming of the Kochvalis in this matter and promises to circumcise all the children in the neighborhood.

Jesus arrives at the barn. no one is there. Suddenly Mecca appears in front of him and says to him: "What kind of person are you?" Isa punches the face of Mecca and they touch their necks. Yamach arrives and seeing him, Isa tries to find a way to escape and when he can't, he attacks Yamach. Yamach, who does not want to fight with him, dodges his blows and blocks him with a blow. Seeing Jesus struggling, Yamach is sure that he is the traitor among them. Yamach takes Jesus home to his father. Idris stares at Jesus with sad eyes. Yamach defines everything. But he still denies. Yamach brings the gun that Isa gave to Jalason by Idris' order and shoots at him, but the gun is empty. Jesus has nothing more to say. Idris asks him with helplessness and sadness: "Why my son? I found you in the alley, son. I got you a wife, I gave you a house. What did you want that I didn't give you, Jesus?" Jesus cries and says that the devil has deceived him. Idris's sad face turns to stone and he orders them to take him to the garbage dump and shoot him in the face and leave him there. Yamach says that he still has something to say with him and Idris says: "Do whatever you want, just don't be in front of my eyes anymore." Jesus' pleas are of no avail.

Nazem invited Wartlow and Salim to deal with the differences between them. He says that he has spoken to the respected gentleman and he wants to know if this cooperation will continue or not. Wartlow says that he is doing his duty with his eyes closed and points to Salim and says that it is his problem. Wartlow leaves the meeting. Salim insists on his decision. Nazem shows him a photo and says: "Apparently, you were at the bar last night!" Salim goes to see the picture. The moderator tells him with his polite and official tone: "Mr. respected, they have emphasized that this photo should not be used against you, they just wanted you to be aware of the danger." Salim hardly comes to his senses. The moderator asks him to inform them when the weapons will be transferred.

While Akshin went to the barbershop to fix his hair at Sena's insistence, Karaja went to Jalason at the hospital and informed about Akshin's punishment and said: "Grandma can't do anything to me. I know what I'm doing!" He tries to place himself in Jalason's heart by taking care of her. Jalason, who is fed up with his actions, grabs his throat and says: "What happened that night in your house will not happen again. Go." "You know nothing. Nothing," Karja says.

Sena meets Yildiz, one of the prostitutes in the neighborhood, at the barbershop, and when he learns about their living conditions, he buys gifts for her children and goes to them at night with a plate of food to take care of his children who are left alone at home.

When Salim finds out that the spy is found and that he is Isa, he says with confusion: "I have to kill that bastard myself." And he tries to find out about him, but nothing catches him. He, who didn't know that anyone else is cooperating with Idris's people with Wartlow, goes to him and Wartlow answers his questions and says: "I will take my steps confidently. What are you worried about?" Salim is afraid that Jesus will expose him.


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