A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 149

Pit part 67-1

Akin remembers the moment he hugs his father, when Yujel had gone to meet Akin and talked and offered to cooperate, Akin was sitting at the side table and heard all his words. Even he himself called Salim and dragged him to the morgue to surprise his father! Salim brings him home and Ayesha is first of all happy to see him and hugs her son tightly. Then the rest of the family members welcome him one by one and are happy to see him.

Azar is waiting for Yujal in a place. As soon as he sees Yujel, he says: "I have nine brothers and three sisters." Just yesterday I was able to tell my mother about my brother's death. My mom told me that no matter what you do, you won't just die! He is going to come in the summer with the rest of my siblings... To sum it up, I will do whatever my mom says. Yujel also says: "I lost my parents when I was nine." Your sadness is new. My grief is thirty years old... In the meantime, we don't need to trust each other, we just need to cooperate and move forward like the story of the frog and the scorpion. Me and you are two scorpions and in the meantime we need a frog to help us cross the river. After we finish our work, if we bite it, there is no point because it is the requirement of our nature! Now, if we have money, there are many frogs that will take us across the river. I know someone who has enough money! Yujel smiles behind Azar's head at the same time Azar turns back hearing someone's footsteps and a woman is coming towards them.

Yamach gathers all the youths of the neighborhood and first apologizes for having to forbid them from coming and going to the neighborhood. Then, according to Idris' request, he turns to them: "We have to find this guy's weak point and the reason for his worries!" All of you should go one by one to look for a trace of him in the whole of Istanbul and leave a trace of us too! We have to understand that Istanbul is in the pit! We don't know where that bastard is, but he knows where we are! Everyone starts walking around the streets of Istanbul and writes the symbol of the pit on every wall and alley so that everyone can understand. By the way, when Yojal is about to go somewhere, he notices the presence of potholes in the streets and feels threatened. He immediately informs Azar that because of a personal problem, he should gather everyone today to solve this problem.

Idris is very sad at the grave of his recently lost loved ones and he is sad for Alicho. Maleeha is also with him. He says sadly: "The pain I'm suffering now is much more than when I was always in the hospital bed... I was the one who caused the loss of so many young people... I want to curse the day I saw you, but I can't." Idris asks her not to say these words and then says: "I protect the ones I love, Maleeha, that's why I don't answer to anyone... How should you know that the breath you are taking now is forty years old?" It will make you miserable..." Maleeha tells Idris that he should tell Yamach what he needs to know because he needs to know. But Idris says very seriously that Yamach should never know about it.

Azar gathers all the big heads of Turkey and says to them: "I am Azar Kurtolush." You all know me. The little ones killed my brother and prevented me from getting bread and water. I will drive these little people out of Istanbul, you must help me. One of them says why should they help him? Azar says: "These are the dams and the rescue and the killing with all its grandeur, and you didn't hear your voice either." Be diligent! "The same person angrily tells everyone: "Enough! Why should we listen to this person when he is only insulting us! Azar asks him to sit down because he has not finished speaking, but he does not react to his words and Azar throws a brick at his face from the same distance and then goes towards him and punches him in the face one after another. He beats until he passes out. Then he orders his people to put the boxes of gold bars in front of them and says: "I know how to satisfy you!" »

Ayesha stares at Akin with love and says that he has changed. Akin says sarcastically: "Isn't that why you sent me to prison?" To change! To be what you want! My grandfather and father could prevent me from going to prison. But now I have become what they want! Head down and calm and respectful! But I learned there that the opposite party will not listen to you until he is not afraid of you! And he smiles at his mother. Aisha stares at him worriedly.

All four little brothers go to the warehouse where the big heads are waiting and stand in front of them with the request of a mediator. The crocodile gets up and says to them: "Here are the representatives of Europe and Anatolia in front of you!" You did what you shouldn't! When Nejat and Sadat were killed, we said maybe it was a personal issue and we kept silent! But today we found out that you put your patience beyond your limits and showed yourself everywhere in Istanbul! We did not like this at all. Now we want to give you a chance. Leave Istanbul by 8 o'clock tomorrow, otherwise war will break out! Yamach says what will happen to Gudal? The crocodile answers: "It will be divided between all of us!" Jomali gets angry at this, but Yamach asks him to be calm and then says: "I think it's a really good offer without anyone getting hurt..." Then he pauses a bit and says: "The universe of Haft Jed and Abad will serve us if we leave Istanbul! The rest of the brothers laugh, and then Yamach sings a happy song, and the fourteen people dance hand in hand and leave!

When Azar explains everything Yamach said to Yujal. Yujal Kalafe puts a hand on his face and asks Azar to give him a chance until tomorrow, if he can't solve something, he will do it himself. Azar also accepts. At the same time, Ramzi's mother calls him and asks him to come home with concern. When Ramzi gets home, his mother slaps him hard and says: "Did you do all this to make bread?" We had bread!... Yamach greeted you. And he gives him a box and says: "He said that you should deliver this to the place where it is needed!" Ramzi delivers the box to Yujal, and when Yujal opens the small ring box, he faces Pistonki and stares at a point with anger. That night, Ramzi leaves the house in a car, and Kamal and Mateen follow it, pretending that Yujal is also in the car. A little later, Yujal leaves the house at night and gets into a car collecting cartons and hides between the cartons and goes somewhere with them. Then he gets into a taxi whose driver is a pit bull, and Yujel doesn't know this. Then he walks along a path and the youths of Godal follow him until Yujel reaches a place and sees Yamach standing on a car holding a child and staring at him with a smile. Yujel goes to the car worriedly, but the car carrying Yamach moves and Yujel hastily stops a car at gunpoint and follows Yamach until they reach an abandoned house. The house is plunged into darkness and suddenly Yujel's foot gets stuck in a bear trap and he writhes in pain and screams. Yamach turns on the lights and says: "What you are suffering is physical pain..." Then he points the gun at the child in his arms and shoots, and Yujel screams and Yamach says: "This is misery..." Then he loosens the blanket in his hand and throws the doll inside in front of Yojel. He shackles Yojel and then pours gasoline on him and lights the lighter while leaving and sets the house on fire. Then he sits there until the morning and watches the burning of the house, and then he goes to the cemetery and sits on top of Sena's grave with great sadness.


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