A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 147

Pit 67-1

Yujel goes to the prison to see Akin. Akin sends his friend to visit Yujel instead of him, and Yujel, thinking that he is the same Akin Kochvali, kills him. Then Akin calls Salim, who is on his way to prison, and changes his voice and says: "I am calling from the hospital." The body of your son Akin has been found near the prison.. " Salim is stunned when he hears this news and when he reaches the prison, he sees Akin healthy, cheerful and smiling and goes to him and slaps him on the face. Then she hugs him crying.

Yujal and Azar go to see each other and shake hands, and Yujal says: "You can not trust me and proceed cautiously, I don't trust you, but I will be careful." We have to take care of each other in this way, but for this we need someone to help us and pay the expenses. And Yujel points to a girl and asks her to come forward with a smile.

Yamach gathers a large number of Gudal youths somewhere and says to all of them: "I need you to find this bastard Yujal." We have to look for him in every part of Istanbul and find his weak point..." The young people of the neighborhood start looking for Yujel from the same day, Yujel gets worried when he sees traces of them and tries to hide himself don't be sunny

Idris goes with Maleeha to Alicho's grave next to the graves of Akshin and Sena, and feels a little pain and says: "Maleeha killed my little child and I couldn't do anything..." Maleeha also cries and says : "The pain I'm suffering now is too much.. All these youths died because of me..." Idris sadly asks him not to talk about these things anymore. A little later, Maleeha asks Idris to share everything he knows with Yamach, but Idris firmly says never to tell anything to Yamach.

Salim brings Akin home and everyone gathers around him and hugs him one by one. But Salim does not seem very happy.

Yujel visits Azar again and tells him: "The schedule has changed, so gather everyone tomorrow." Azar also gathers a number of big heads and then asks them to complete the small work. When someone protests to him, Azar beats him up and then puts three boxes full of gold bars in front of them. Seeing the gold bars, everyone's eyes light up and they agree to help.

Ayesha goes to Akin's room and stares at him with a smile and says that he has changed. Akin also says: "Isn't that what they wanted?" Grandfather did not say that he will become a man if he goes to prison. My father wanted me to go to jail more than the police! Only my hero uncle was behind me. But now that I came back, it was as they wanted... they think I'm scared. They think I am afraid that I will do something wrong and end up in prison again... They wanted to teach me a lesson in prison. I also learned that the opposite party will not listen to you until he is not afraid of you! Aisha looks at him sadly.

Yamach, Jumali, Saleh and Salim go to the same place where all the big heads are gathered. Azar is among them. The crocodile gets up and says to them: "We noticed something today that the pit was like a mushroom everywhere in Istanbul!" You didn't tell anyone. This behavior upset us. The crocodile points to one of the men around the table and says: "For example, the alleys in the parcel of Dadash Khairallah are all symbols of the pit!" Pit people are everywhere. Yamach says calmly: "We have always been here." You are just watching. The crocodile says: "You killed Sadat, we didn't say anything." We killed Jed and Abad Nejat, we said it was a matter between them, we kept silent. But you made a fuss. Your problems are getting bigger and bigger and it will hit us! Now we have also made a decision... We will give you until 8 o'clock tomorrow, either you leave Istanbul or..." Azar continues: "Or we will make you a pit, but not the pit you know! »


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