A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 144

Pit 66-3

Damla is thinking about Jumali in her house. Jumali also has all his thoughts and reason in front of Damla and her answer. He has no patience for anyone and goes to his room early at night and reviews his memories with Damla in his mind and falls asleep in the morning. Damla comes there in the morning and lies down next to him without saying a word. When Jomali opens her eyes, she sees him and hugs him.

Ayesha is happy that her son will be released from prison tomorrow and she does not know him. He has prepared everything and Salim has promised that he will go after Ekin tomorrow. At night, Akin is released from prison and walks alone. Ramsay calls out to him and shoots him, and Akin falls to the ground and dies.

The crocodile went to see Yujal. He proudly talks about the things he did indirectly to attract Azar. A little later, Azar calls him and asks him for Yujel's number. This news makes Yujel happy.

In the morning, Salim leaves to look for Ekin. Everyone in the house is impatiently waiting for Ekin. On the way, the police calls Salim and says that his son was shot dead last night. Salim stares at a point in disbelief.

Idris gathers his sons in the coffee house and says: "Why did you imprison people in the pit!" It can't be like this. Do you have a plan to get Yojal now? Not! You should have thought before imprisoning people! Yamach says that he has no choice because he cannot bear to lose someone else. Idris continues: "This person was one of the black sheep, but he is not like them. Then he separated from them. He ate our bread and salt all this time, did you doubt him? Not. Because it's like us. Why do you think he wore a life jacket and didn't die? Because he has something he wants to protect... he has a dependency in this world. Do you think it's like a court wall without any cracks? It also has its own weakness. You have to find it. On the other side, Yujel goes along a path with Ramzi and then gets out of the car. He is constantly watching his back and changes several taxis until he reaches a house. A woman is very happy to see him and hugs him. Yujel enters the house and hugs his two-year-old child and spends time with his wife and child.

Salim goes to the morgue to confirm his son's identity. He sadly goes to the corpse and is surprised to see it. Akin opens the door from behind and walks up to him, smiling and opening his arms to embrace his father. Salim stares at him for a moment and then slaps him hard and says: "What are you doing, boy?! Then he hugs her with tears in his eyes.


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