A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 140

Pit 66-1

Yamach is stunned and unable to speak after hearing the news of Alicho's theft. Jumali comes to him and asks him to get up. "Why should I get up?" says Yamach desperately. I get up to see that another one of me is missing. I can't bear anymore.." Jumali says loudly: "Okay, don't do anything! But you have to fight! Yamach gets up and looks at the photo inside the black envelope. He sends the photo to all residents and asks some young garbage collectors if they know the place or not. One of the young men says that there is a place where they dump their garbage and three of them are inside the pit itself. Yamach tells Salim and Wartlow to look for the other two and he himself goes to the third one. Yamach hears Alicho's voice in the distance. Yujel and Ramzi tied Alicho between a wall of garbage. Yamach goes inside one of the walls where the sound is coming from, but realizes that it is only Alicho's voice recorded there. He realizes that he has been cheated and climbs that wall. But before that, Ramzi sets fire to the garbage around Alicho. Yamach reaches the warehouse and is faced with a huge fire, but he goes towards it without fear, and it explodes there, and Yamach also falls unconscious on the ground. Salim and Wartlo save Yamach from the fire at the last moment and take him to the hospital.

On the other hand, Damla delivers her father's body to the morgue and cries with great pain. Jumali tries to calm him down but he can't do anything. In the morning, Damla goes to her father's funeral and Jomali accompanies her. At the end, Damla says to Jomali: "Everything is over... Me, you, the little things, the pit." Everything is over. Don't follow me anymore. Jomali stays in his place with sadness.

Jalason found the address of the warehouse of Azar goods and together with Makkah attacked there at night to take their revenge. They mark the pit on the ground in front of the CCTV camera and then set fire to the warehouse. When this news reaches Azar, he angrily tells his men to bring Makkah and Jalason to him. People of Azar follow Jalason and Mecca and finally they get stuck in one of the alleys. Azar himself beats them both severely and then tells his men to take and kill both of them and throw their bodies wherever they want.

When Yamach regains consciousness, he asks Vartlo how Alicho is. Wartlow hardly tells him that it was the morning of Alicho's funeral. Yamach goes crazy and hears the ringing in his brain again. Wartlow asks him to come to himself and says: "I know you are upset. But when we want to avenge the lost, we lose someone else. Azar took Makkah and Jalason. A little later, Yamach goes to Azar's warehouse by himself and kills all his guards and lifts Jalason and Mecca who are lying on the ground and then leaves. Kamal and Mateen pick up the boys and take them with them.

Sultan goes to Idris and says seriously: "Until now, I have kept silent... But because of your past actions, your children and grandchildren died... What did you do?! You did nothing! Settle your account by yourself, little Idris Kochvali! You have to solve this problem yourself. You may even sacrifice yourself for your family, but until then I will not allow you to do this without having so much right on your neck..." Idris does not say a word and lowers his head in shame.


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